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Global Health and Development

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Global Health and Development

Academic Global Health is a subject and a discipline that has been, and continues to be evolving. In the changing global landscape, Global Health in the University of Tampere (UTA) builds our strengths in social sciences to make a distinct contribution to international debates and advocacy on challenges influencing health and wellbeing all over the world.   

With the name of the discipline “Global Health and Development” (GHD) we want to emphasise interactions between health and development in society. 

Our work is fundamentally based on the universal Human Rights, as well as each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals on the Agenda 2030. We appreciate that promotion of health and wellbeing of people requires essentially politics, policies and actions to tackle political, economic, social, environmental and commercial determinants of health. Training and research, we think, can make a considerable contribution.    

Global Health and Development in the University of Tampere is an inter- and transdisciplinary study on interaction of global phenomena and globalization with health and wellbeing of people.

The focus is on analysing global level developments and on learning how nations and communities in global South and North can react to global risks on health and wellbeing.

Global phenomena affect us all 

The GHD in UTA builds expertise, research and training on present and future global challenges on health and wellbeing such as:  

  • Global phenomenon of urbanization
  • Climate change and environmental issues
  • Disasters and conflicts in fragile states
  • Forced migration and work related migration
  • Role of social protection on health
  • Informal economy and weakly protected workers
  • Ageing populations
  • Global innovations in maternity and baby care
  • Global “epidemics”, such as obesity, insecurity, austerity and inequalities 
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Health technology and health information systems in the Global North and South.

Globalization and health - a neglected topic 

We aim to conduct training and research on impact and challenges of social, economic and political globalization on health and wellbeing. We want to gain and share understanding on developments at the global level and how and through which mechanisms they influence nations and communities in relation to health. Role of the neoliberal ideology and alternative approaches, such as de-growth, sharing economy, activism, and complementary health care are studied and discussed. 

Some examples of such themes are:

  • Global governance of health
  • Trade and trade agreements and health 
  • Trade of medicines
  • Global health related initiatives      

Dynamic team 

The work within the GHD programme and discipline is carried out by our multidisciplinary team in the Health Sciences branch at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Tampere. The Health Sciences branch also includes Public Health and Nursing Science and their various sub-fields. Besides our collaborators in health, we actively cooperate with scholars in sociology, social policy, political science, health sociology, social anthropology, and many more, in the Faculty of Social Sciences in UTA. We also collaborate extensively with other faculties and a range of national and international institutions, organisations and NGOs.

Education changes minds

Master's Degree Programme on Public and Global Health is presently one of our flagship activities. We facilitate the learning processes of some 25 students, the majority from outside Europe. The two-year-programme gives competences closely linked to working life. The intake is every other year.

Our courses, such as Poverty in the World; or Gender and Wellbeing are open to all students at the university. Additionally, we organize special courses for Medicine and Nursing science.

Our research takes up to the challenges

We are eager to implement the new scope of Global Health and Development in the University of Tampere. In research, it means that we are busy developing projects and seeking for funding. Please see about our ongoing research and plans here.

We are open to your input and advice. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas, comments, and questions. We strongly believe in innovation and co-operation.

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