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Global Health and DevelopmentUniversity of TampereGlobal Health and Development
Global Health and Development

Collaborative networks to tackle global development challenges

Global Health and Development actively engages in a variety of local and global networks to study and contribute solutions to some of the most pressing global health and development challenges of the day.

Local Partners

GlobeNet Tampere

GlobeNet Tampere is established in 2005 as a forum for academics interested in global and sustainable development. Through information sharing (e-mail news bulletin every second month to about 70 subscribers) and meetings (2-3 annually) GlobeNet facilitates collaboration. Recent years either rector or vice-rectors have opened the meetings. Dr. Mikko Perkiö has coordinated the network from year 2009.

Global Wellbeing Hub

Global Wellbeing Hub (GW-hub) draws the experts of three universities of Tampere to apply transdisciplinary approaches is seeking creative solutions for “wicked problems” that hinder wellbeing. We are a network of 30 scholars keen on turning science into policies of better wellbeing.

UniPID – Finnish University Partnership for International Development

UniPID is a partnership between ten Finnish major universities in promoting international development. They have a high class online course provision and an extensive portfolio of actions for enhancing research for global development.

GHD and UniPID organized together collaboration seminar during the EADI (The European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes) Executive Committee meeting, which was held in Tampere 10-11 April 2017. Around 80 scholars from 20 countries took part in the seminar.

Nordic and European Collaboration

Global Health United is an umbrella title for all the collaboration with our Finnish and Nordic university partners. These joint efforts aim to find such joint activities that could be turned into shared projects and synergies. The Nordic seminar in September 2016 Rymättylä was one starting point. Our plan is to organize a follow-up seminar in autumn 2018 that continues the mission.

The European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) is the leading European network of institutes, researchers and students of various disciplines in the field of development research and training. It facilitates international exchange of knowledge and experience on Development. GHD has been an institutional member of EADI since April 2016. EADI Executive Committee meeting took place at Tampere University 10-11 April 2017.

Global Networks

We collaborate with our research partners in several countries around the globe. Please see Research.

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