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Global Health and Development

About Us

The core team of Global Health and Development (GHD) consists of three experts and two visiting scholars. Our role is to provide GHD teaching at the University, and conduct research and advocacy in our key areas.

Core Team:

Dr Anneli Milén, PhD

Professor, Global Health and Development (fixed term)

Anneli has expertise in global influences on health policy and health systems. She has a keen interest in the role of politics and ideologies in health and wellbeing across the globe. Anneli completed her Master´s and PhD in Finland and another Master´s Degree in the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. She has academic experience in public health, has run a consultancy agency with a number of large EU-funded development projects, functioned as advisor in the Finnish national government, worked for WHO/Geneva and served long-term and short-term in about 30 countries.

Email: anneli.milen(at)

Phone:+358 50 318 7770 and+358 40 552 1337 

Skype: AnneliMi

Anneli Milén

Dr Mikko Perkiö, PhD, MSSc

University Instructor

Mikko has multifaceted expertise in global social development in the global South and North. His doctoral thesis (2016) “Women’s Education and Infant Survival. A Comparative Analysis of Eighty Low and Middle Income Countries” applies structural equation modelling for identifying pathways between women’s education and infant survival. Mikko’s courses on poverty, gender, and migration, as well as environment and technology reflect his sociological views to global health. He has been active in development research networks in Finland and UniPID executive board member in 2009-2014. His current research interests include: digitalization against youth marginalization, diaspora expertise as an innovative development policy in fragile states, and universal basic income as a way to tackle global poverty and to promote health.

Email: mikko.perkio(at)

Phone: +358 50 318 6183

PhD thesis through:

Mikko Perkiö

Dr Annariina Koivu, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher & Coordinator

Annariina has MSc in Global Health and Public Policy from the University of Edinburgh and PhD in Global Health from the Trinity College in Dublin. Her multi-disciplinary academic background combined with NGO and professional work experience have taken her to live in six different countries across the globe, including South Africa. She is interested in a broad variety of topics within health systems strengthening in fragile states, social protection, health work force capacity building and holistic health information systems, and has particular expertise in TB. Additionally, her research has focused on the relationship between global media and various health related issues. Annariina has expertise in qualitative research and besides teaching, she has joined our team to contribute in our research strategies and developing research proposals for funding.

Email: annariina.koivu(at)

Annariina Koivu

Professor Knut Lönnroth

Knut Lönnroth is a professor of Social Medicine at Karolinska Institutet. Professor Lönnroth worked for 14 years for the Global TB Programme at the World Health Organization. The past 25 years he has conducted extensive epidemiological, health systems and social science research with a major focus on tuberculosis. Presently, his research focuses mainly on social interventions for improved tuberculosis care and prevention. He coordinates the health and social protection action research and knowledge sharing network (SPARKS). Also Professor Lönnroth’s affiliation (2017-2018) with the University of Tampere, Global Health and Development Unit, steams from the shared interest in researching the role of social protection on health. Professor Lönnroth is a widely acknowledged scientist who have won numerous awards. See a more detailed profile with research interests through Karolinska Institutet.

Knut Lönnroth

Professor Vinod Diwan                  

Vinod K Diwan is Senior Professor and Director of Centre for Global Health at Karolinska Institutet (KI) in Sweden. Vinod is kindly advising and mentoring our evolving approach and activities in Global Health and Development. He has long and extensive experience of research and research training and funding. He has functioned as principle investigator for a number of large European Union funded projects.  

Vinod Diwan

Doctoral students

Aarnio, Pauliina (supervisors Teija Kulmala and Anneli Milen)

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