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Doctoral Programs in Public Health, DPPH

Research seminars

All DPPH students are advised to take part in one of the postgraduate seminars offered at Tampere School of Public Health or the University of Helsinki, Hjelt Institute, Department of Public Health.
More details about the seminars from the contact persons mentioned below.




For Public Health (DPPH) PhD Students. Students present their propsals and drafts of papers and receive
comments from supervisors and colleagues. Sessions about twice a month during semesters at the Department
of Public Health, University of Helsinki.
Contact person: Ossi Rahkonen 


Volume: 4 + 4 ECTS (Fall and Spring terms)
Aims: the student presents his/her own data clearly and logically. The students are able to refine their study plans and are able to give constructive criticism to other students' plans.
Content: Research seminar for international and doctoral students in epidemiology. Students will present their own research topics and methodology, followed by discussion together with other students, teachers and supervisors. The language of the course is English.
Requirements: Participation in the seminars, personal presentations, active discussion
Target group: Students in the IPPE program, other postgraduate students in epidemiology based on individual selection.
Coordinators: Prof. Suvi Virtanen (, prof. Arto Palmu (

MENTAL HEALTH AND PSYCHIATRY (Mielenterveys ja Psykiatria) seminar

Description: Scientific educational course on social psychiatry. The course consists of several separate two day sessions (called modules) covering most important aspects of social and community psychiatry with a multidisciplinary approach. Each module consists of lectures and group work or panel discussions and students can participate as many modules as they wish (each module is separately credited). Participants can earn more credits by writing essays. The course is a part of post graduate taraining in social psychiatry but it is open to all university students and also to professionals in the fields of social and health care. Usually the participants have been post garduate students (on public health, nursing sciences, psychology etc.), psychiatrists, physicians on psychiatric training, and other health care staff.
For further information contact professor Matti Joukamaa or
senior assistant professor Rita Jähi

NEDIS, Research network on health and health promotion of children and adolescents (Lasten ja nuorten terveyden ja terveyden edistämisen tutkimusverkosto)

Research focus in the NEDIS-group is on various issues related to school-aged children’s and adolescents’ health and health behaviours, risk and protective factors, health trends over time, socioeconomic health differences, as well as school health services and means to promote health in these age groups. NEDIS multidisciplinary research seminars are organized at the Tampere University, School of Public Health, approximately once a month during fall and spring terms. Credits are given for presentation and participation. Seminar dates will be updated on this page. NEDIS-group can also offer topics for beginning researchers aiming at doctoral studies. Those who would like to present their research at NEDIS, please contact Susanna Rainio. Those interested to start a new study related to our topics, please contact Professor Arja Rimpelä. Seminar language: Finnish (unless otherwise informed).
Network leader: Professor Arja Rimpelä 03-3551 6802
Contact person: Researcher Susanna Rainio, MSc 03-3551 7997

Seminar on aging research - GERO

Seminar on aging research ("Soge") at the Tampere School of Public Health brings together doctoral students, their supervisors and other scientists interested in human aging and the aging society. For seminar dates please consult the TSPH home page. The tutor is Professor Marja Jylhä, If you wish to join or visit the seminar please contact her. Contact person responsible for practical organization will be announced later.


SOTEPO-seminar is for students who do their postgraduate studies in  the fields of social and health politics, management, sociology etc.  Professor Juhani Lehto is the tutor of the seminar. SOTEPO-seminar is  going to convene three times in academic year 2008-2009. Contact  person can give out more information about the seminar.
Contact person: Jutta Suoranta,, (03) 3551 6815

Health economics seminar

The health economics seminar is intended to provide a helpful forum for postgraduate students working on topics related to health economics and/or individuals working on projects related to health economics. The seminar group meets approximately every six weeks during each semester. These seminars are based on active participation: papers, study plans, presentations or the like are disseminated at least three working days prior to the seminars. Each seminar is of variable duration, depending on the number of presenters, with active participation being expected in terms of reading and commenting.

For further information concerning participation in this seminar contact professor Pekka Rissanen (, for other information contact Neill Booth (

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