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Towards a Two-speed Finland? Longer Working Life, Retirement Pathways and Inequality


The Towards a Two-speed Finland? –research project consists of three parts. In the first part the workers who have left the Posti Group after co-operation negotiations are included in qualitative research. The second part focuses on the media debate on extending work careers. The third part includes a survey of all employees over 50 years old who work at Posti Group.

The concept of a two-speed Finland refers to a new classification of retirement and being a pensioner: retirement creates differences between those who have studied longer and are, typically, in academic professions, and those who have studied less and are in so-called blue-collar positions. Two speed also points to the fact that increasingly differences and inequalities are also created within these groups. Two speed, then, does not necessarily result from socio-economic positions, educational background or the so-called blue and white collar divide Instead, people from different occupational groups are alienated from the labour market through unemployment, or  through disjointed and patchy careers before retirement. 

The third part of the research project is implemented by the Faculty of Social Sciences (former School of Health Sciences) at the University of Tampere and funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund. This study focuses on the perceived health, work ability and well-being of the employees in the age of 50+. In addition, the study explores employees’ views on pensions and prolonging work careers.

The survey spans over two years, focusing on the factors that contribute to leaving the labour market or remaining in the working life. The first survey was carried out in autumn 2016 for all the 50+ employees in the Posti Group.  The results of the study will be reported by the end of the 2018.


Further information about the project can be found here: 2tS

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