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International Postgraduate Program in Epidemiology

Call for applications

Next time the programme will be open for applications in early 2015!

International postgraduate program in epidemiology and public health (IPPE)

The international postgraduate program in epidemiology and public health (IPPE) at the School of Health Sciences, University of Tampere, Finland, is a doctoral training and research program for highly qualified epidemiologists, researchers and public health personnel worldwide who are aiming at a PhD degree in epidemiology or public health.

The main objectives of the international doctoral program are to increase knowledge and understanding of major public health problems, particularly in low-income countries, and to build sustainable public health capacity in these countries by working with global partners in training epidemiologists and public health personnel for leadership positions in research, administration, program planning and policy development.

The School of Health Sciences (HES) is an education and research institute at the University of Tampere (UTA), Finland. The School is ranked as one of the leading institutions in research within the University and has received international recognition. Instruction is offered at bachelor, master and doctoral levels, with a strong emphasis on training in research methods. Doctoral program faculty are involved in several international collaborative research projects. Teaching and research at the School are multidisciplinary including the fields of biometry, community health, epidemiology, gerontology, occupational health, health economics, social psychiatry, social and health policy and nursing science.

International doctoral program content

Prerequisites, duration of studies and credits

Selection criteria

PhD candidates are selected on the basis of their past education and work experience in public health, their language skills and writing ability, as well as demonstrated success in the field of public health practice and epidemiology. Priority is generally given to applicants who are already working in a research project that may be used as material for their PhD thesis, or those who have an available dataset and a feasible research plan. Students should submit a preliminary research plan as part of their application.

Major fields of study and research

The topics covered in the international postgraduate program in epidemiology and public health can be divided in three cathegories: methods in epidemiology and biostatistics, infectious disease epidemiology and epidemiology and prevention of non-communicable diseases.


Accomodation, living and travel cost

Currently, no tuition or course fees are charged for doctoral students in the IPPE program. Students are expected to cover their travel to Finland as well as accommodation and living costs and are encouraged to apply for external support for this purpose. Funding and financial aid opportunities are available on a competitive basis for doctoral students and the program staff will assist in the application process. However, acceptance to the program does not guarantee financial aid.



The international doctoral program in epidemiology and public health at the School of Health Sciences,  University of Tampere, Finland is offered biannually. Next time the programme will be open for applications in early 2015

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