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Faculty of Social SciencesUniversity of TampereFaculty of Social Sciences
Master’s Degree Programme in Public and Global Health

Why study Public and Global Health at the University of Tampere?

Part of the MHS class of 2015-2016. Work and Health students during a visit to the occupational health exhibition in Tampere


Nurturing experts in Public and Global health

An integrated programme in public and global health expertly tailored to emphasize inter-disciplinary studies in health sciences, social sciences, and technology. 

Our students acquire a thorough grounding in all of the core disciplines of public health - epidemiology, health promotion, health-systems, and health economics. The wide range of elective courses offered enables students to gain expertise in their areas of interest.

As one of our students you will: 

Grow your expertise in global dynamics such as: inequalities, climate change, migration, ageing, and conflicts

Study in an international setting:

      • develop a global network of contacts
      • work in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams

Learn to apply your knowledge and skills in practice through:

      • a work placement for 1-3 months as part of your programme
      • courses which  include real-world case projects

Enjoy the advantage of small classes adapted to the needs and interests of students

Interact with an approachable faculty committed to engaging with students

Career opportunities

Equipped with knowledge and skills, our graduates go to work in diverse fields such as governmental agencies, NGO’s, academia and private industry to name just a few. Many of our Alumni have been appointed to positions of responsibility in their countries and are impacting on national and global public health issues.

Doctoral study opportunities

As the 120 ECTS gives eligibility in doctoral studies, many of our graduates have also gone on to pursue doctoral studies in public and global health, social sciences as well as other disciplines. Several graduates have joined the IPPE programme (International Doctoral Programme in Epidemiology) at the University of Tampere, School of Health Sciences, transitioning smoothly from the international Master’s Degree Programme.

School of Health Sciences
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