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Faculty of Social SciencesUniversity of TampereFaculty of Social Sciences
Master's Degree Programme 2015-2017

Programme 2011-2013

The programme comprises two academic years and 120 ECTS. The programme structure includes compulsory general studies, compulsory and elective studies in public health or international health, compulsory and elective research studies, and freely chosen elective studies. The credit requirement for the different categories is as follows:

A. Compulsory general studies, 15 ECTS

B. Compulsory studies in public health, 15 ECTS

C. Compulsory studies in international health, 15 ECTS

D. Elective studies in public health or international health, 35-40 ECTS

E. Master's thesis and related compulsory research studies, 40 ECTS

F. Elective research studies, 5-10 ECTS

G. Elective studies, 10 ECTS

Curricula Guides

A. Compulsory general studies

Introduction to master's of health sciences studies, 1 ECTS

Background and concepts of public health and international health, 1 ECTS

Basic epidemiology, 4 ECTS

Basic biostatistics, 2 ECTS

Health systems, 3 ECTS

The application of economics to health care, 4 ECTS

Professional English for health sciences, 3 ECTS (registered as compulsory elective course)

B. Compulsory studies in public health

Perspectives in public health, 5 ECTS

Classic and recent trends in public health, 10 ECTS

C. Compulsory studies in international health

Health and illness in a global context, 6 ECTS

Health care in exceptional situations, 4 ECTS

Human mobility and health, 5 ECTS

D. Elective studies in public health or international health

Ageing as a social phenomenon, 4-10 ECTS

Ageing of the population, 3-9 ECTS

Basics of geriatrics and gerontology, 6 ECTS

Basics of social psychiatry, 4 ECTS

Child health and nutrition, 2-6 ECTS

Climate change and health, 5 ECTS

Global and public health theme seminar, 5 ECTS

Health promotion, 4 ECTS

History of health and disease, 3 ECTS

Leadership in global health, 3 ECTS

Occupational health, 3-10 ECTS

Methods and theories of health economics, 4-8 ECTS

Project planning and management, 4 ECTS

Reproductive health and gender issues from a global perspective, 2-6 ECTS

Social and health policy in Europe, 4 ECTS

Social context of ageing, 4 ECTS

Sociology of health, 4 ECTS

Other courses in public health or international health can be included in this category by the approval of the head of the programme.

E. Master´s thesis and related compulsory research studies

Master's thesis, 30 ECTS

Towards a master´s thesis, 5 ECTS

Thesis seminar I, 5 ECTS

Qualitative research methods, 4 ECTS (registered as compulsory elective course)

F. Elective research studies

ABC of scientific communication, 2 ECTS

Data management, 4 ECTS

Introduction to thesis writing, 3 ECTS

Literature review on thesis-related research methodology, 5 ECTS

Research ethics, 4 ECTS

Statistical computing with SPSS, 2 ECTS

Thesis seminar II, 3 ECTS (compulsory in the 2011-2013 programme)

G. Elective studies

Each student will include in this element 10 ECTS of elective university studies. For foreign students 2 ECTS in Survival Finnish and courses in Finnish language are recommended (offered by the Language Center). The courses Professional English for health sciences (3 ECTS) and Qualitative research methods (4 ECTS) will be registered in this category.

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