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Vitality 90 + Study
Tervaskannot 90+

By Antti Hervonen, Marja Jylhä and the Research Group
School of Health Sciences, FIN 33014-University of Tampere, Finland

Tervaskannot 90+ GEREC sivuilla
Vitality 90+ (GEREC webpage)


· Describes the life conditions, ways of life, biological and clinical   characteristics and heterogeneity of the most rapidly growing age group
· Examines physical and psychological functioning and their predictors
· Analyses life stories and personal accounts of the oldest generation alive
· Searches for possibilities and pathways for successful longevity

Data sets

· Mailed surveys with total home-dwelling population aged 90+ in Tampere  in 1995, 1996 and 1998
· Mailed survey with total population, both home-dwelling and institutionalized, aged 90+ in Tampere in 2001, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2014
· Register data of instutionalization and mortality
· Oral tape-recorded life stories & narrative interviews with 245 persons aged 90+ in Tampere in 1995 and 2012
· Psychological examinations with 100 persons
· Phone interviews with informal caregivers and family members
· History of disease; data from medical records
· Home-examinations, including functional performance, cognitive status and blood tests for people aged 89-90 in 2000, 2010, 2014, and home-examination without blood tests in 2003.
· Biomarkers
· Analysis of genetic factors associated with exceptional longevity

The advantages of the Vitality 90+ Study

· Covers the total population aged 90+ in Tampere (N= 1129 in 2001, N=1113 in 2003, N=1147 in 2007, N=1606 in 2010 and N=2056 in 2014). Response rates vary in mailed surveys from 79 to 86%
· Social, demographic, biological and clinical measures available for same individuals
· Longitudinal approach, complete mortality follow-up
· Epidemiological, clinical and qualitative approaches combined



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olemisen hyvät puolet iäkkäiden naimattomien naisten puheessa. Naistutkimus – Kvinnoforskning 18(1): 30-41, 2005

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