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Institute for Advanced Social Research (IASR)

The Institute for Advanced Social Research, IASR, is the research collegium of the University of Tampere. It conducts advanced research focusing on society, provides a productive research environment and facilities for researchers, and promotes multidisciplinary research and international interaction. The institute accomplishes its mission by annually awarding fixed-term one- or two-year fellowships to academics and scholars from both abroad and the University of Tampere.

The Director of the Institute for Advanced Social Research is Professor Risto Heiskala (, tel. +358 40 741 7518) and its steering committee is the  Research Council of the University of Tampere.

The Institute is located in the Atalpa Building (Ratapihankatu 55, 2nd and 3rd floor) at the main campus of the university.


IASR Fellows 2014-2015/2016 appointed >> See Rector's decision here

IASR Fellows 2015-2016/2017 appointed >> See Rector's decision here


10-year Anniversary of the Institute for Advanced Social Research

Photo Gallery - Anniversary Banquet



» Research post as Academy Professor granted to Pertti Alasuutari (2.6.2015)
The Academy of Finland allocates fixed-term funding on a competitive basis to the best researchers and research teams and to the most promising young researchers. The funding decisions are made by the research councils, by the Academy Board or by subcommittees based on a review of the applicants’ research plan and scientific merits.

» Koneen Säätiön Jakautuuko Suomi? -ohjelmasta myönnettiin runsaat miljoona euroa apurahoja. (16.4.2015)
Tampereen yliopiston tutkija Pirjo Nikander sai 273 592 euron rahoituksen Kohti kaksitahti-Suomea? -hankkeelle, joka tekee näkyväksi eriarvoistuvaa vanhuutta. Yhteiskuntatieteilijät ja journalistit selvittävät, miltä koko yhteiskunnan tavoitteeksi asetettu työurien pidentäminen näyttää ikääntyneiden Itellan (Postin) työntekijöiden näkökulmasta.

» "The African Presence in Finland". An exhibition at the Finnish Labour Museum on 29 April -8 November 2015 (4.5.2015)
The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas and The African Presence in Finland exhibition which resulted from a research project conducted by Dr Anna Rastas, University of Tampere, IASR, and from the contributions of people of the African diaspora to the Finnish society and culture aim at (re-)writing the social history of Africans in Finland for the present and future generations.

» Homerus Award 2015 of the Nederlands Klassiek Verbond ( NKV) granted to Christian Laes (9.4.2015)
This prestigious award is granted annually to the Dutch-language book that has best succeeded to bridge the present day and the Antiquity.

» Institute for Advanced Social Research - BLOG (13.5.2015)
We have recently created a BLOG to serve as a window of news from the IASR to the outside world. In the blog, you'll find entries on the themes discussed in our seminars as well as occasional takes on current issues. Feel free to take a look!

Visiting address: Ratapihankatu 55, 2nd and 3rd floor
Mailing address: FI-33014 University of Tampere, Finland
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