"The University emphasises the close connection between teaching and research, and the social impact of its activities."

Towards a new university

The new University Strategy for 2016-2020 adopted by the University Board outlines the actions of the University in the coming years.

In 2020, the University of Tampere will be an international research university and a significant generator of innovative, new knowledge. This will be facilitated by the new university in Tampere, which will merge the three higher education institutions.

"The aim is to build a stronger international research university. The strategy highlights multidisciplinarity and phenomenon-based, high-quality research, creative learning, internationality and the strength of the University community," says Chairman of the Board Kai Öistämö.

The University of Tampere educates people who shape the future, understand the world and change it. The University emphasises the close connection of instruction and research and the social impact of its activities. The University appreciates open and free research and gives its researchers the tools to engage in such research practices.

According to the new Strategy, universities can play a key role as generators of new knowledge upon which to base sustainable and ethical decision-making. The University of Tampere fulfils this purpose as a part of the global scientific community. Among the universities in Finland, the University of Tampere is the frontrunner in the social sciences.

Strategy of the University of Tampere 2016-2020

The Action Plan to implement the Strategy

The Action Plan to implement the Strategy of the University of Tampere describes the actions the University will use to carry out its strategic objectives.

In this strategy period, the University will emphasise four themes through which it will strive to achieve its goals. These themes are multi-disciplinarity, learning, internationality and the University community.

The merging of the higher education institutions in Tampere is a central means of meeting the University’s strategic promise and succeeding in the four thematic areas. The measures outlined in the Strategy of the University of Tampere and included in this Action Plan will take the University of Tampere in the desired direction and support the goals of the new university.

The action plan to implement University strategy in 2016-2020