Professional development

Professional development

Let our education and development services widen your own know-how or that of your organization.

The University of Tampere offers continuing education services that open up a variety of multidisciplinary opportunities to deepen, expand, and hone your knowledge. Continuing education has been integrated into the research and instruction given at the University.

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Research and Education Centre Synergos offers specialist services to support business development processes, research, and training for companies and public sector organisations.

Tailored education

We can also provide custom-made education or development projects, tailored to suit your organisation's needs. Special education packages or development projects can be created within all thematic areas in a way that best suits your organization. 

For more information, please contact Ms Kirsi Rimpisalo,

Education export

The University of Tampere provides commissioned, international training programmes and expert services to international organizations such as states and governments, international communities and networks. Programmes and courses can be tailored to suit professional development needs and they can take place both on campus, online or in the workplace.

Transnational education services are offered through Finland University, a joint effort of three Finnish higher education institutes.

For more information, please see FinUni website

Open University

Open University studies provide the opportunity to complete parts of the degree programmes at the University. This can be done as either single courses or study modules regardless of your age or educational background. The study fee is only 10 euros per study credit, and many courses can be completed flexibly by means of distance learning.

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