The academic year starts with celebrations

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Avajaiset 2017/ Kuva: Jonne Renvall
The Opening Ceremony filled the main auditorium to the hilt. Photos: Jonne Renvall

In addition to the speeches at the University's Opening Ceremony, the Opening Day festivities included several performances by students

The University of Tampere started the new academic year with a joint celebration of the entire university community, which included several performances organised by the students in addition to the Opening Ceremony and inaugural lectures.

Hobby clubs and associations had their stands in the corridors close to the Alakuppila cafeteria. Tent Escape was a completely new number in Opening Day festivities in which teams solved a series of problems in a tent erected in the courtyard behind Main Building.

The lower foyer of Main Building featured dance, theatre and aesthetic group gymnastics performed by UtaDance, Tukkateatteri and UtaGymnastics.

As per custom, the alumni gathered in the Alakuppila cafeteria from where guided tours of the main campus area also started.

The inaugural lectures of newly appointed professors were also organised on the Opening Day. The lectures were given by Professor of Youth Studies Päivi Honkatukia, Professor of Health Sociology Piia Jallinoja, Professor of Gender Studies Anu Kantola, Professor of Social and Health Policy Juho Saari, Professor of Business Management Johanna Kujala and Professor of Interactive Technology Markku Turunen.

The day ended with an evening party at the restaurant Klubi.

“One term of office of the Government
cannot undermine years of academic research”

In her opening speech, Rector Liisa Laakso asked why it is impossible to get a consistent picture of the level of the universities or their funding based on the current public debate on universities.

Laakso wondered how to argue wisely, when 140 characters of text are used to prove that the budget cuts have intensified the universities’ operations.

“We are quite capable of adopting new digital tools and developing research and teaching without a stick. Moreover, we are doing that also without carrots. Tampere3 will be created without capitalisation,” Laakso said.

According to Laakso, scientific breakthroughs are made despite the budget cuts.

“Breakthroughs are created in international cooperation that takes several years. Such work cannot be undermined by the failed higher education policy of one term of office of the government of one country. Luckily,” Laakso pointed out.

Rector Laakso’s speech with English sections.


Kristiina Kumpula/ Kuva: Jonne Renvall
Kristiina Kumpula

UTA invites Kristiina Kumpula
to become Alumna of the Year

The University of Tampere invited Kristiina Kumpula, Secretary General of the Finnish Red Cross, to become Alumna of the Year.

In 1986, Kumpula graduated as a Master of Administrative Sciences with public administration as her major subject.

She has actively cooperated with the University of Tampere by e.g. giving lectures in various events and participating in the University’s alumni network.

Kumpula was appointed Secretary General of the Finnish Red Cross in 2004 and has a long history of working on both Finnish and international issues in the same organisation

The University of Tampere awarded the title of Alumnus/Alumna of the Year for the sixth time.

PhD thesis prizes awarded for studies
in epidemiology and mathematics

The City of Tampere Science Fund and the University of Tampere Foundation awarded the annual prizes for the best doctoral theses in the opening ceremony.

The recipient of the prize awarded by the City of Tampere Science Fund is Doctor of Medicine Olli Nevalainen for his dissertation in the field of epidemiology “Mortality in Epilepsy with Emphasis on Clinical Features”. The thesis and a short press release are available online.

The Tampere University Foundation’s prize was awarded to Doctor of Philosophy Maryam Akhavin for her dissertation “G-GORENSTEIN –complexes”. The thesis and a short press release are available online. 


Avajaiset 2017/ Kuva: Jonne Renvall
Tampere Academic Symphony Orchestra performed several works by Jean Sibelius.
Avajaiset 2017/ Kuva: Jonne Renvall
The Opening Day was a happy occasion with suitable programme for everyone. Waiting for the Ceremonial Procession to start.