Analysing and storing data

Uta's IT Administration will gladly help you with choosing and accessing theservices best fit for your research needs. IT Administration also serves as a contact channel for CSC (Center for Science). We can also implement custom services, so don't hesitate to contact us if you didn't find what you were looking for! You can contact us by sending mail to

Services provided by IT Administration

  • Home directory - More information (intra)
    Home directories are located at Uta's network drive, and backups are created of the data stored there automatically. Both students and staff members of Uta receive home directory with their basic user account.

  • Software services -
    The IT Administration also supplies licenses to some commercial programs for the departments and staff of the University, such as Atlas.ti, SPSS and Matlab. Uta also has an ongoing Microsoft EES agreement that allows Uta's students and staff members to use some of Microsoft's services freely on their computers.

National research services

  • Chipster -
    Chipster is an open source software for analyzing high-throughput data such as NGS and microarrays. Chipster is especially useful for medical and biomed students as it offers for more than 300 analysis tools and a large collection of reference genomes. Using Chipster is free of charge for Finnish universities and polytechnic universities. If you wish to use Chipster running on CSC's server you'll need to register to the service.

  • CSC Computing services - More information
    CSC supports researchers and academic institutions by providing a comprehensive set of internationally competitive computing services. To utilize CSC's computing services you need to apply for the rights on the website linked above.

  • CSC's database services

  • Elmer -
    Elmer is an open source simulation software for solving partial differential equations, and it's especially well suited for modeling multi-physical phenomena.
  • IDA -
    IDA is a safe and easy-to-use storage for research datasets and metadata. IDA can be used with multiple interfaces. The data uploaded to the services is saved into projects and the users can be affiliated with multiple separate projects. Data uploaded to IDA is also checked for malware and backed up. You can log into IDA with your organizational account and after that apply for storage space.
  • Pouta -
    Pouta Cloud Service allows researchers to execute various types of computing, many of which weren't possible before. The service utilizes cloud technology and Taito super cluster's capacity. To use Pouta you'll need to register as CSC's customer (with Haka login) and add Pouta to your services at Scientist's User Interface.

    Even though the server is situated in a CSC server room, it can be given a address.

  • SUI (Scientist's User Interface) -
    Scientist's User Interface is CSC's portal for easily adding tools for your use and accessing them. You can sign in to the service with via Haka login.