In the sub-pages, you can find the most frequently asked questions concerning various services.  If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact it-helpdesk@uta.fi

Part of the instructions have been presented in connection to the service in question or on a separate instructions page.


1. How can I change my password?

To change your basic user account password, please visit the

or use your electronic banking ID at

You can also change your password at the IT Helpdesk; just remember to bring your official identity card or passport with you.
Find more information on user account and password here.

2. Which wireless network (wifi) can I use at the University?

It is highly recommended to use the protected Eduroam! Log in with your basicuseraccount@uta.fi, e.g. ab12345@uta.fi.

3. How can I print at the University?

Print at a micro lab to secureprint printer. Then print ít out from any printer at UTA, TUT or TAMK!
Use your

  • registered card or
  • basicuseraccount@edu or basicuseraccount@staff  (e.g. ab12345@edu tai ab12345@staff) and Basic user account password.

NB! You can also print to University's printers from your own device (computer, phone, tablet), send document attached from your @student.uta.fi or @staff.uta.fi email to webprint@tampere3.fi.

Find moore information on printing here