Gathering and producing data

Uta's IT Administration will gladly help you with choosing and accessing the services best fit for your research needs. IT Administration also serves as a contact channel for CSC (Center for Science). We can also implement custom services, so don't hesitate to contact us if you didn't find what you were looking for! You can contact us by sending mail to

Services provided by IT Administration

  • E-lomake -
    E-lomake (eForm) is a browser based form service. Data collected via eLomake is in a form that's easy to transfer to spreadsheet software, e.g. SPSS and Excel. All students and staff members of Uta can use eLomake.

  • Computing services at Uta -
    IT Administration hosts computing services that can be utilized for research purposes that require medium capacity.

  • Equipment loans and rentals
    IT Administration offers equipment for rentals and loans, e.g. headsets and web cameras. You can enquire for equipment rentals and loans at IT Helpdesk during opening opening hours or by email

  • Open Data Service -
    Uta's Open Data Service provides open data published by Uta. The published data is machine readable, free of charge and can be used without restrictions. For more information visit the website.

National research services

  • AVAA -
    AVAA is an open data publishing platform for research data. Currently available applications on the platform allow users to e.g. study the spreading of pollution clouds.
  • Aila Data Service -
    The Aila Data Service provides access to data archived at the Finnish Social Science Data Archive. The data is available free of charge for registered users, according to access conditions set for each dataset.
  • B2FIND -
    B2FIND is a service for finding research materials using descriptive data, i.e. metadata.
  • B2SHARE -
    B2SHARE is a platform for browsing and publishing research data. The data uploaded to B2SHARE is open for everyone to utilize and browse. You'll need to register to the service in order to upload data to B2SHARE.
  • Etsin -
    Etsin is a research data finder that contains descriptive information – that is, metadata – on research datasets. The metadata stored in Etsin includes information on the author, subject, format and licensing of the dataset. The metadata of research data saved to Finnish Social Science Data Archive is automatically indexed to Etsin.
  • The Language Bank of Finland -
    The Language Bank of Finland is a service for researchers using language resources. Many corpora are publicly accessible, some require logging in. The rights to use restricted resources can be applied for electronically. Using the Language Bank is free for researchers and students.
  • PaiTuli -
    Paituli is spatial data download service. Paituli's primary users are students and personnel of Finnish universities and polytechnics, but most of the datasets are open to anyone. You can access PaiTuli with Haka login.
  • Vipunen - Education Statistics Finland -
    Vipunen is a statistics service based on open source code. The statistics are based on data and registers collected by the Statistics Finland, the Ministry of Culture and Education and the Finnish National Board of Education.