Moodle learning environment provides tools for, e.g. communication, group work support, doing assignments and exams, and distributing materials.

Moodle instructions for students and staff can be found on the front page of -Moodle.

Questions about Moodle:


For the staff: Ordering a course area and user ID

A member of University of Tampere's staff can order a Moodle course area with a course area order form or through OPSI in connection to creating the enrolment group of the study period in question.

Ordering a Moodle course area with a course area order form:

A course area ordered with a form is not connected to electronic enrolment, which means that either the teachers need to pick the students to join the course forum or the students need to register into the forum with a course key given by the teacher.

(you need to sign in to the form with your basic user account in order to pre-fill the form)

Ordering a Moodle course area through OPSI:

In OPSI, the enrolment feature of the teaching programme saves information about enrolment and makes enrolling on courses possible in NettiOpsu. In this connection, it is also possible to order a Moodle course area for the course in question. In connection to providing the information for creating an enrolment group, you can select the option "Luo Moodle-kurssialue" (create Moodle course forum), and the corresponding Moodle course area will be created during the following night. A teacher in charge of thecourse, defined in the OPSI, will be added to the course area and a message about creating the area will be sent to them (and the orderer). During the following night, the students approved through the registration list of NettiOpsu will be added into the created course area.

Ordering user IDs

You can log in to Moodle with the university's basic user account or with the ID of some other Finnish university or university of applied sciences belonging to the haka user identification system. If a person does not have the aforementioned ID, a separate Moodle ID can be created for them. Separate Moodle IDs (over 9 IDs) are subject to a charge.