Office 365 Sites Workspace

In the Office 365 service, group members can edit data at the same time from anywhere, any time and on any device. The sites include a shared workspace, document templates and a calendar.

The service is primarily intended to assist the work of projects and teams. It does not substitute the Tampere3-wiki, where the memos of the preparation groups and official documents of the projects will consistently be stored. The group sites are only open for the group members.

Please explore the service! (In Finnish)

More info:

How to order a site?

Order the site from the front page of the service by clicking the “Order Site” button. The orderer of the site must come from TAMK, but the administrators can come from other universities as well. If there are no members from TAMK in your group, order the site by contacting the TAMK helpdesk,

NB! The members of the site must have either an O365 account of an organization or a Microsoft consumer account.


Instructions (Microsoft)

Training videos