How can I find OneDrive and the files I saved there?

Log in to the Office 365 service with your browser. Select OneDrive from the menu on the top of the page.

On the opened page, you can view the files you have saved to your OneDrive cloud service. You can access them on any device through the web browser.

How can I create a new file in OneDrive?

Log in to the 0365 service and select OneDrive from the waffle menu. Click the folder into which you want to create the file. Creation of new files is started from the New menu on the top of the screen, where you can choose in which format you want to create your file. (Here you can also create a new folder first, if you wish). The file you created will be opened for editing. You do not need to save the file separately, it will be automatically saved into OneDrive. Remember to name the file. Click the File button on top of the file and write in a new name.)

How can I share files and how do I stop sharing them?

Select the file in question by clicking the ball in front of the file name. Click Share on the top of the page.

Sharing options:

  1.  Invite people: On the Invite people page you can individually select the people with whom you want to share the file. Use the menu next to the name field to determine whether you give the person in question the right to edit or only to view. Remember to also select the right options, if you want them to log in to view/edit the file and if you want to send them a notification about the shared file to their email. Jaettu/Shared tab shows with whom you have shared the file. If you want to change the rights or stop sharing the file, click the person's name with the right mouse button.
  2. Get a link: In the opened window, use the drop-down menu to select what kind of rights to the file you wish to give to those receiving the link (viewing/editing). After making the selection, the link appears below. When you want the link to stop working, you can remove it. After removing the link it will no longer work even if someone tries to use it.

Note! You can also share the entire folder at the same time. Please note that when you add files into the folder, the people with whom you have shared the folder will also see the new files you will add to the folder.