Registering an access card

How can I register my access card into the system.

Place your card on the reader and enter your basic user account as follows:

How do I know that my access card has been registered correctly?

If the scanning option is shown on the screen of the multi-function printer, you have successfully registered your card.

If a scanning option is not provided, an error has taken place during registration.

How can I cancel a wrong registration?

Request cancellation from

What if I am both a student and a staff member?

Register your staff access card for your staff ID (basic user account @staff) and your student access card for your student ID (basic user account @edu). If you only have one access card, you can pick up another one from the IT Helpdesk.

Releasing a printout

Where can I print?

You can pick up the printout from any of the printers of University of Tampere, TUT or TAMK.

How can I release my printout?

You can release the printout you want by showing your registered access card to the reader and selecting the  work you need printing. You can also release a printout by logging in to a multi-function printer with your basic user account.

How can I cancel my print work?

The work will automatically be removed from the print queue after 72 hours.

Printer's default settings

What are the printer's default settings?

By default, a multi-function printer will print out black-and-white, double-sided printout. You can change the settings from the print menu.

How long is the printout kept in the print queue?

The printout will be kept in the print queue for 72 hours.

What if I forget to sign out from the multi-function printer?

A multi-function printer will sign out the user automatically within a minute after the last print job.

Print queues

How can I find the print queue on my computer?

There is only one queue for printouts, SecurePrint. If you cannot find the queue on your computer, reboot the machine. If you still cannot find the queue, contact IT Helpdesk.

In computer class rooms, find an icon from the computers desktop "Secureprint NOT visible, click this". Separate restart is not required.

How can I print on my personal printer?

The name of the personal printer's print queue is the same as your printer's name.

Mobile printing

Can I add a printout to a print queue with a mobile device or outside the university?

You can print from a mobile device or from your home computer, for example, by using the mobile printing service at Log in to the service with your basic user account.


Or print from your email:

  1. Use the university's or email address for sending the attachment to be printed (if you do not have either of these email addresses, you can use the page for mobile printing, see instructions).
  2. Send the attachment to address
  3. You do not need to add a subject line or any text to the message to be sent.
  4. Pick up the work from the university's any multi-function printer of your choice.


How can I scan documents?

A multi-function printer will automatically scan the document to your email.

What should I do if I cannot find the scanned document from my Inbox?

Check your junk mail folder! The document will be filtered as spam for the first time.

Directing your scanned documents to a folder

You can also make a folder for your scanned documents. Name it e.g. Scanned. As the header of all your scanned documents is "Ricoh MFP Scan", you can create a rule for your incoming messages (Microsoft website):

"Apply this rule after the message arrives
with Ricoh MFP Scan in the subject
move it to the Scanned folder
and stop processing more rules"

What if I cannot use the Office 365 service?

You can scan by writing your email address to the cc field of the email message.

How to scan large files?

The maximum scan size is 36MB. If the file is larger, scan in parts or to the memory stick.


What should I do if the multi-function printer does not work properly?

On the multi-function printer, there is a sticker with the printer's name. Report it to  and explain what kind of malfunction is occurring.

The device says that my work has been "Saved as unprinted work", but it has disappeared?

When the multi-function printer runs out of paper, it shows error code Tallennettu tulostumattomana työnä (Saved as unprinted work). However, the print job is not saved in the print queue and it will also not be printed after paper has been added. This prevents the interrupted print job from continuing, when the next user adds paper.

Ricoh is reviewing the options of changing the error code into a more easily understandable format.

Wrong paper size

Select the link Printer Properties underneath the Secure Print print queue. Ensure that the Document size selected in the drop-down menu is A4 and that below it, in Print on drop-down menu, Same as original size option has been selected. replace the selection Same as original size in the menu with A4.

The multi-function printer's malfunction was repaired, but the error code is still showing.

If paper has run out or the multi-function printer has some other malfunction, a red light is on in the left bottom corner of the control panel. By clicking the button Check status, the screen will show a notification of the problem or the function that is not working. The text reporting the malfunction will remain in the right upper corner of the control panel even after you sign out of the machine. The multi-function printer must be rebooted in order to remove the error code.

Ricoh is investigating why the error code remains even after the problem has been fixed, for example, by adding paper.