Research section is intended to help you find tools provided by Uta's IT Administration and national research services for aiding your research needs. The services are listed on the following subpages categorized by their purpose of use:

  1. Research planning and working environments
  2. Gathering and producing data
  3. Analysing and storing data
  4. Publishing and sharing data

Explore our information site on information security, especially when dealing with research data. We highly recommend you to check out publication and data policy of University of Tampere.

The IT services presented on this site are provided by IT Administration. Please note that Uta provides various services for research purposes in addition to IT services. You can explore other service providers on the sites listed below:

Uta's IT Administration will gladly help you with choosing and accessing the services best fit for your research needs. IT Administration also serves as a contact channel for CSC (Center for Science). We also implement custom services, so don't hesitate to contact us if you didn't find what you were looking for! You can contact us by sending mail to