Research planning and working environments

Uta's IT Administration will gladly help you with choosing and accessing the services best fit for your research needs. IT Administration also serves as a contact channel for CSC (Center for Science). We also implement custom services, so don't hesitate to contact us if you didn't find what you were looking for! You can contact us by sending mail to

Services provided by IT Administration

  • Eduuni-wiki - More information
    Eduuni is a collaboration service environment for flexible and secure collaboration across organization and ecosystem boundaries. Uta staff members can use Eduuni with their organizational account.
  • - is a Moodle intended for i.e. university faculty staff members, research groups and project groups to use. Only Uta staff members can order a work space at, but they can include work space users from external organizations as well. You can log in to the service at
  • Mailing lists - More information (intra)
    Uta's mailing lists can be open alias or moderated, closed or semi-open Listserv lists. The mailing lists can also have external users from outside of Uta and they are hosted at Uta's servers. You can apply for a mailing list with eLomake forms (log in with your Basic user account).
  • Microsoft Office 365 - More information
    O365 includes a variety of tools that can benefit also research. The tools make e.g. sharing files, group communication and scheduling easier. Both Uta students and staff members can use O365 products with their Uta basic user account.
  • UTAVPN Remote Access service  - More information (intra)
    Staff members of Uta (and those comparable to employees) can apply for a remote access service to use Uta's services and data from outside of the university network. The service is implemented with VPN technology.
  • Video conferences -
    Funet Tiimi is a browser-based video conference service. IT Administration offers support and guidance for organizing and conducting video conferences. You can access Funet Tiimi via Haka login.

National research services

  • Funet Filesender -
    Funet Filesender is an easy-to-use, browser-based file sharing service specialized in transferring and sharing large files. The service isn't intended for long-term storage since the files are deleted after a pretermined period of time. To access Funet Filesender, use Haka login.
  • Open Science and Research -
    Open Science and Research is an initiative supported by The Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. The initiative aims to promote research availability of information and open science practices. The site contains information about the initiative and open science customs, and is open for everyone to use.