Services for graduating students

On graduation, the student's right to use the IT services of the University expires.

Consequently, the possibility to use e.g. University email services and the computer labs end. The home pages in the student's home directory cease to appear on the internet. Programs with the University user license must be uninstalled from the personal computer.


When the student's Basic user account expires, no more email messages are accepted to the user account. A reply message is submitted to the sender stating that the user account has expired.

N.B! Forwarding messages to another address is no longer possible after the expiration of the user account.

Home directory

The files stored in the home directory can be either deleted or saved onto another medium. The data can be saved on a USB storage or an SD card in every computer lab. Other USB devices are also suitable if they don't require installation of a device driver.

Key card return


The programs installed under the University user licenses must be uninstalled when the right to study expires.