Services for staff

We offer support for the staff of University of Tampere in utilising information and communication technology.

  • Personal support: The personal support for implementing an online course is free of charge to the staff members of University of Tampere. We will help with selecting the best tools and methods and planning the study period. Make an appointment with a support person!
  • General IT training: Training offered to the staff is shown in the staff training calendar in Intranet.
  • Customised training and guidance for groups: Upon request, we will organise training events for the staff of different schools and other groups. Our services also include guidance for small group work and chairing discussions.
  • Forum for teachers and support people (UtaOpet): Join in a common forum for teachers (if you have not joined yet, you can request being added, for example in connection to ordering the platform), which has information and materials that help you with using Moodle. The forum also offers an opportunity to discuss with the other users.

Support requests: