The students of University of Tampere and the members of its staff have the possibility to install certain software on their home computers, either free of charge or at an affordable price offered to members of the university.


The staff, present students and students of the open university can acquire the SPSS programme for all their computers.

Versions 24 and 25 for Windows, Mac and Linux are available.

The code will be delivered to your inbox as soon as the subscription has been processed.

The licence period is:

1 June – 31 May 


Installation packages are available on the Intranet


The IT Administration has procured a campus-wide, licence for software valid until further notice, which supports the systematic analysis and coding of qualitative materials.

If they so wish, the staff and students may also install the software on their home computers.


For Windows you need both files below, they include code. Prerequisites must set up first. For Mac you can ask code ATLAS.ti is suitable for analysing text, image and sound files and it recognises many different file types. The programme itself does not make any analyses, but it is a tool for typifying and classifying information and for making various searches. An analysis made with ATLAS.ti can be continued numerically, for example with SPSS.


Malware protection for the staff members' and students' own devices

The staff members and students of the University can buy one-year subscriptions for F-Secure products at a reduced price.

Malware protection of the computers of the University

The Computers of the University are protected by F-Secure products.

Microsoft Office Pro Plus software package

The university students and staff members have the option to install Microsoft Office Pro Plus software package onto their own devices, free of charge. The package can be downloaded through the Office 365 service. You can install the software on five computers (PC, Mac). Additionally, you can download the Office applications from the app shop of your iPad, iPhone or Android device and activate them free of charge with your university ID.

User licence
  • The user licence of the software will be valid until the right to study or the employment relationship ends.
  • Keeping the software active requires the user to sign in to the Office 365 service at least every 30 days. 
  • After the user licence's validity comes to an end, the software stops working and Office will enter a limited mode, in which the user can only read and print the file. Office can be reactivated with another ID (that has an Office 365 ProPlus user licence) or separately purchased product key.

Download the Office 365 ProPlus package onto your computer:

1. Open the following address in your browser:

2. Log in with the University of Tampere's Office 365 service ID ( or

3. Click the Install/Asenna button at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.

Note! Enter your user name and email in format or whenever prompted.

More information in the intranet.