Wireless network

TUNI-STAFF is a wireless network common for all the staff members of the higher education community of Tampere. All the staff members' centrally maintained, standardized laptops will join the network. The new network covers all the Tampere3 campuses and all standardized laptops will join it automatically.

In TUNI-STAFF, all the wireless network services of your own organization will be available to you. It will replace the old campus-specific staff members' wireless networks (TUT-WPA, TAMK-STAFF and UTAstaff), which will expire on Nov 22, 2018.

Only centrally maintained, standardized devices can join the network, not e.g. other computers. Phones and mobile devices cannot join the network. The staff members' and students' other devices can normally join the eduroam and roam.fi networks as well as the campus-specific guest networks.