Wireless networks

Eduroam | Utastaff | Roam.fi | Utapac

With a wireless network connection (wlan, wifi), you can use the Internet on your computer and mobile device without cable connection and free of charge.

The wireless networks mentioned below are available in the public premises of the university and in some lecture halls.

Primarily, you should use the protected Eduroam network.

Eduroam - Academic network for visitors

Eduroam is a protected, international network visitor service, to which the staff members and students of universities can log in using the user ID of their own organisation.

  • University of Tampere's students and staff members can log in using the ID basicuseraccount@uta.fi (e.g. ab12345@uta.fi) and the basic user account's password.
  • The certificate used to authenticate the Radius server
  • Note! Logging in following these instructions gives you global use of the Eduroam network.
  • Visitors of other universities may also use Eduroam by logging in with the IDs of their own organisation.
  • More about Eduroam

Other available networks


  • Utastaff is a wireless network for the university staff, which can be used on a university laptop. The network does not require logging in separately in the coverage area.


  • Roam.fi is an encrypted, wireless wlan community maintained by the Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions COSS ry. Please find additional information on the service at roam.fi.
  • The certificate is used to authenticate to the Radius-server.
  • The students and staff members of the University of Tampere can log in using their basicuseraccount@uta.fi.
  • The wireless network can be used if the home organisation of the user account has joined the service.


Utapac is an open, wireless network of University of Tampere. The university website can be browsed without logging in, but in order to access the network outside the university, the user must log in using the university's basic user account or a separately granted visitor ID.

  • You can pick up a visitor's ID from
    • the information service in the university's main building (main hall, A101)
    • the IT Helpdesk of IT Administration
      • Main building E246
      • the main hall of Arvo (Arvo E106, Kauppi).
  • A visitor ID can be granted to a person who does not have University of Tampere's basic user account.
  • The maximum duration of a session is two hours, after which the browser will request the visitor to sign in again.

Opening hours of the IT Helpdesk: from Mon to Thu 8am–4pm, Fri 8am–3pm. On days before public holidays and during holidays from 8am to 3pm.

Additional information and instructions

You will gain access to the wireless network through the wlan/wifi settings of your mobile device, the Internet access function in the lower right-hand corner of your Windows computer or from the Wi-Fi menu in the upper right-hand corner of your Mac computer.

This function may vary between different devices and Android versions.

If necessary, the IT Helpdesk can help you with the settings of your device.