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Sirke Mäkinen

Sirke Mäkinen

University Researcher, Doc.Soc.Sc., in the project Cultural Statecraft in International Relations: The Case of Russia, funded by the Academy of Finland (PI Tuomas Forsberg)

Principal Investigator in the project funded by the Kone Foundation: Towards Good Neighbourliness with Higher Education Cooperation

Convener, Master's Programme in Cross Border International Relations

Pinni A4050
tel. +358 (0)50 318 6011

Research interests

(international) higher education, public diplomacy, in particular, educational diplomacy, EU-Russia relations in higher education, geopolitical discourses, culture and teaching of geopolitics, discourse and argumentation analysis, foreign policy, political actors and political system; all these in particular in the context of Russia.



Mäkinen, Sirke. 2008. Russian Geopolitical Visions and Argumentation. Parties of power, democratic and communist opposition on Chechnia and NATO, 1994-2003, Acta Universitatis Tamperensis 1293, Tampere University Press, Tampere.

Edited volume

Mäkinen, Sirke and Turoma, Sanna (eds.). 2014. Discursive and Material Practices of Space and Modernization in Post-Soviet Russia. Special Issue for Eurasian Geography and Economics, 6/2014.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2016. In search of the status of an educational great power? Analysis of Russia’s educational diplomacy discourse. Problems of Post-Communism.63:3, 183-196.

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2017. Roles of Political Science and IR in Russia: the case of Geopolitics. International Studies Perspectives.

Mäkinen, Sirke, Smith, Hanna and Forsberg, Tuomas. 2016. With a little help from my friends: Russia’s modernization and the visa regime with the European Union. Europe-Asia Studies 68:1.

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2015. Russia – a leading or fading power? Geopolitical metanarratives on Russia’s place and role in the post-Soviet space, Nationalities Papers.  

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2014.Geopolitics teaching and worldviews – Making the future generation in Russia. Geopolitics. 19:1. 86-108.

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2013. Politiikkatieteiden diskursseista Venäjällä (On Political Studies Discourses in Russia). Idäntutkimus  [Finnish Review of East European Studies] 1/2013.

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2011. Surkovian Narrative on the Future of Russia: Making Russia a World Leader. Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics, Vol.27, No.2, June 2011, 143–165

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2004. Russia's Integrity: Russian Parties of Power and the Yabloko Association on Russo-Chechen Relations, 1999-2001, Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 56, No. 8, December 2004, 1157-1190.

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2003. On the Geopolitical Discourses of the Russian Yabloko Association, 1993-2001, Geopolitics, Vol. 8, No 1, Spring 2003, 149-180.

Peer-reviewed chapters in edited books

Mäkinen, Sirke. Forthcoming. The Language Question and Promotion of Russian Higher Education Abroad.  A chapter in a book edited by C. Noack.

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2016. Russia as an alternative model. Geopolitical representations and Russia’s public diplomacy – the case of Rossotrudnichestvo in Bassin, Mark and Suslov, Mikhail. Russian Geopolitics in the Age of New Media. Lexington Books.

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2012. Political Parties and Construction of Social Class in Suvi Salmenniemi (Ed.), Rethinking Class in Russia. Ashgate.

Other articles, reviews and columns in journals

Kangaspuro, Markku, Lassila, Jussi, Mäkinen, Sirke and Forsberg, Tuomas. 2015. Marraskuisen ASEEES-konferenssin tunnelmia San Antoniosta. Idäntutkimus [Finnish Review of East European Studies] 1/2015, 92-94.

Mäkinen, Sirke and Turoma, Sanna. 2014. Discursive and Material Practices of Space and Modernization in Post-Soviet Russia: An Introduction. Eurasian Geography and Economics, 6/2014,

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2012. Kokemuksia venäläisestä luokkahuoneesta. Näkökulma. [Experiences from Russian university classes. Point of view] Idäntutkimus 2/2012.

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2008. Geopoliittiset visiot ja argumentaatio Venäjällä (Lectio praecursoria) [Geopolitical Visions and Argumentation in Russia]. Idäntutkimus 2/2008.

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2005. Review on Lena Jonson's book Vladimir Putin and Central Asia.The Shaping of Russian Foreign Policy. Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 57, No. 7, November 2005, pp. 1080-1082.

Hakanen, Ulla & Sirke Mäkinen.  2005.Kirjallisuutta ja politiikkaa keväisessä Cambridgessa. [Literature and Politics in Cambridge in springtime]  Idäntutkimus 2/2005, pp. 109-111.


Reports/Briefing papers

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2009. Parties in Russia: From a pseudo-system towards fragmentation. Briefing Paper 34 (2009). The Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki, Finland.

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2009. Venäjän puolueet: Pseudojärjestelmästä kohti pirstoutumista. Briefing Paper 35 (2009). Ulkopoliittinen instituutti. Helsinki, Finland.

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2004. State Duma Parties and Foreign Policy – Argumentation of United Russia and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on NATO and Terrorism, 2003-2004 , Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, memo 4:The Russian Domestic System as a Shaper of Russian Foreign Policy. 17 November 2004.


Mäkinen, Sirke. 2014. Venäjä rakentaa uutta identiteettiä [Russia constructs a new identity]. Vierasyliö. Maaseudun tulevaisuus, 14 April 2014.

Mäkinen, Sirke. 2009.Viekö historiakomissio Venäjän taas neuvostoajan käytäntöihin? [Will the history commission take Russia back to Soviet practices?]VIERASKYNÄ. Helsingin Sanomat. 27 June 2009.


2018-2019: CBIR Master's thesis seminars and teaching in the CBIR Winter School in St. Petersburg, January 2019.

2017-2018: no lectures. Supervising Master's theses of RES/CBIR students.

2016-2017: RESTHEIR Thesis Seminar and Thesis Writing / International Relations

RES008/POLKVA32 Russian Foreign Policy from Gorbachev to Putin 3–5 ECTS

Academic year 2015-2016:  RESTHEIR Thesis Seminar and Thesis Writing / International Relations,

Spring semester 2015:POLKVA32 Russian Foreign Policy Discourses and Practices,

Teaching in the autumn semester 2013: RES16 Russian Politics 5 ECTS, see

Previously I have taught courses such as  Interpreting Russian Politics in 2012, Geopolitics in Contemporary Russia in 2011, Bachelor's thesis seminar in 2009-2010. In addition, I have supervised a Master's thesis seminar at the Aleksanteri Institute together with Kaarina Aitamurto 2012-2015. I supervise Master's theses of our double degree students from Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg. In addition, I am supervisor for two PhDs at the University of Tampere. 


Other academic responsibilities or positions of trust

- Member of the Board of the Finnish Political Studies Association

-Member of the editorial council of Russian Politics journal
- Member of the editorial board of Idäntutkimus [Finnish Review of East European Studies] journal
- Acted as a reviewer for Political Geography, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, Europe-Asia Studies, The Nationalities Papers, Geopolitics, Problems of Post-Communism, International Studies Perspectives,  Palgrave-Macmillan, Politics (UK), Finnish Review of East European Studies (Idäntutkimus) 


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