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Tapio Raunio

Tapio Raunio

Professor of Political Science, Ph.D.
Pinni A4056
tel. +358 (0)50 318 6027 / +358 (0)40 733 2653
Office hour: Mon 13–14 o'clock




Hi and welcome to my webpage where you will find information about my research, teaching and publications. I have worked as a professor of political science at the University of Tampere almost uninterruptedly since 2002 (appointed to tenure in 2006). I have also held both teaching and research posts at the universities of Helsinki and Turku and have been a visiting scholar at Umeå University and VU Amsterdam. Since 2015 I am also a visiting professor at Dalarna University.

I am the head of Political Science (the Degree Programme in Politics is divided into two fields of specialization, Political Science and International Relations). Please get in touch if you need further information about my research or teaching or if you are interested about political science at the University of Tampere.


I teach every academic year two courses: Introduction to Political Science (POLPOP02) and the political science Master’s Thesis Seminar (POLVOS40). In addition, I teach every year at least one optional course that is linked to my current research. In fall 2018 the course is Johdatus Euroopan unioniin (POLVOA21). This academic year I also teach courses at the universities of Helsinki and Oulu.

At the doctoral level I am in charge of the political science research seminar and currently supervise around ten PhD students. Please get in touch if you are interested in pursuing political science doctoral studies in Tampere.



My research focuses on representative democracy in Europe, and more specifically on political parties and parliaments, both in the context of national politics and at the European level. My main research interests are 

  • The role of national parties and parliaments in European integration
  • The Finnish political system
  • The Europeanization of domestic politics
  • Legislatures, parties and foreign affairs
  • Semi-presidentialism

In the project Semi-Presidentialism and Governability in Transitional Regimes led by Thomas Sedelius at Dalarna University I am primarily interested in the coordination between the president and the prime minister and how such coordination mechanisms influence policy-making and leadership. Countries investigated include Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic. We pay special attention on foreign and EU policies, issue areas where countries are normally expected to act with one voice. For more information on the project, please see

Together with Wolfgang Wagner (VU Amsterdam) we study the role of legislatures and political parties in foreign and security policy. We just co-edited a special issue of West European Politics (see below) which analyzed legislative-executive relations in foreign affairs. In October 2017 we organized a workshop in Amsterdam on party politics of foreign and security policy. Scholarly understanding of the role of party politics in foreign affairs beyond the specific case of the U.S. Congress remains very thin and hence our project aims at filling this gap in the literature, particularly through providing more systematic evidence of whether party politics makes a difference in foreign and security policies.



Below are listed some of my selected publications (full list of publications (.pdf), updated in August 2018).

In English

The European Perspective: Transnational Party Groups in the 1989-1994 European Parliament (Ashgate, 1997).

Finland in the European Union (& Teija Tiilikainen, Frank Cass, 2003).

National Parliaments within the Enlarged European Union: From victims of integration to competitive actors? (co-edited with John O’Brennan, Routledge, 2007).

National Parliaments and European Integration: What We Know and Agenda for Future Research. Journal of Legislative Studies 15:4 (2009), 317-334.

The Gatekeepers of European Integration? The Functions of National Parliaments in the EU Political System. Journal of European Integration 33:3 (2011), 303-321.

Semi-presidentialism and European integration: lessons from Finland for constitutional design. Journal of European Public Policy 19:4 (2012), 567-584.

Drifting Further Apart: National Parties and their Electorates on the EU Dimension. West European Politics 35:3 (2012), 589-606 (& Mikko Mattila).

Connecting with the Electorate? Parliamentary Communication in EU Affairs. Journal of Legislative Studies 20:1, 2014 (co-edited with Katrin Auel; published in 2015 by Routledge as Parliamentary Communication in EU Affairs: Connecting with the Electorate?).

Who Decides What EU Issues Ministers Talk About? Explaining Governmental EU Policy Co-Ordination in Finland. Journal of Common Market Studies 52:5 (2014), 1019-1034 (& Anna Hyvärinen).

Refusing to be Sidelined: The Engagement of the Finnish Eduskunta in Foreign Affairs. Scandinavian Political Studies 39:4 (2016), 312-332.

The Changing Balance of Political Power in Finland (co-edited with Lauri Karvonen and Heikki Paloheimo, Santérus Academis Press, 2016).

Reaching out to the people? Assessing the relationship between parliament and citizens in Finland. Journal of Legislative Studies 23:4 (2017), 614-634 (& Hyeon Su Seo).

Challenging Executive Dominance: Legislatures and Foreign Affairs. West European Politics 40:1, 2017 (co-edited with Wolfgang Wagner)

Redirecting national parliaments: Setting priorities for involvement in EU affairs. Comparative European Politics 16:2 (2018), 310-329 (& Pieter de Wilde).

In Finnish

Liittovaltiot: Federalismin teoria ja arki (Gaudeamus, 2002).

Eurooppalaistuminen: Suomen sopeutuminen Euroopan integraatioon (co-edited with Juho Saari, Gaudeamus, 2006).

Euroopan tulevaisuus (co-edited with Juho Saari, Gaudeamus, 2007).

Suomen puolueet ja puoluejärjestelmä (co-edited with Heikki Paloheimo, WSOY, 2008).

Euroopan paras maa? Suomen muuttuva asema Euroopan unionissa (co-edited with Juho Saari, Gaudeamus, 2013).

Politiikan muutos (co-edited with Tuomas Forsberg, Vastapaino, 2014).

Eduskunta: Kansanvaltaa puolueiden ja hallituksen ehdoilla (co-edited with Matti Wiberg, Gaudeamus, 2014).

Reunalla vai ytimessä? Suomen EU-politiikan muutos ja jatkuvuus (co-edited with Juho Saari, Gaudeamus, 2017).

Poliittinen valta Suomessa (co-edited with Mari K. Niemi and Ilkka Ruostetsaari, Vastapaino, 2017).



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