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Faculty of ManagementFaculty of Management
Degree Programme in Politics

Ilkka Ruostetsaari

Ilkka Ruostetsaari

Professor, D.Soc.Sc., Docent
Pinni A4080
tel. +358 (0)50 318 6031
Office hours: Mon 13–14 o'clock, thesis supervision by appointment.

Teaching and research fields

Elite study, power structures of the Finnish society, policy networks, local governance, professionalization of politics, governance of energy policy.

Current research projects

- Recruitment of Parliamentary Elites
- Transformations of the Finnish Elite Structures
- Governance of Finnish Energy Policy-Making


Citizens’ Support for Rival Modes of Political Involvement in Energy Policy-Making. The Case of Finland. International Journal of Energy Sector Management (2018).

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Ruostetsaari, Ilkka & Mattila, Mikko (2002), 'Candidate-Centred Campaigns and their Effects in an Open List System' in Farrel, David M. & Schmitt-Beck, Rüdiger eds., Do Campaigns Matter? Campaign Effects in Elections and Referendums. London: Routledge.

L´évolution des élites Finlandaises aprés la crise des années 1990. Nordiques Nr 4, Printemps 2004, 83-101.


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