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Degree Programme in Politics


The Degree Programme in Politics imparts academic capabilities and theoretically and methodologically innovative perspectives for the analysis of the complex and changing phenomena in politics. The programme conceives of politics as an extensive phenomenon. It covers various levels, from the regional and national to the European and more international level. It finds politics even outside the conventional sector in all social life and action. In addition to a scientific consistency in the research approach the programme encourages critical thinking and so a contemplation of the purpose and objectives of political action. Traineeship and internationality are in a prominent position in the programme.

Those graduating from the programme will be competitive and sought after not only in state and public administration but also in citizens' organizations, media, international tasks and also in the service of companies in the field of relations to society and personnel management. Overall the programme offers a sound core of political science which is expanded in the studies offered by other degree programmes of the School and other course offerings responding to the man and varied challenges of our times.

In the Degree Programme in Politics students first take the Bachelor's degree on a broad-based Bachelor's programme. In Master's studies the degree programme splits into studies in Political Science and in International Relations. Students will take the direction of their choice according to choices made during Bachelor's studies. Master's programmes offered in English are also available, for example European and Russian Studies (RES).

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the Degree Programme in Politics

  • Students will be capable of posing political questions concerning the world and of perceiving themselves as those who build and change it
  • Students will be capable of critically assessing changing fields of societal action and tasks and of analysing the objective of various actors
  • Students will be able to collect and analyse extensive amounts of information, of producing and applying scientific and practical knowledge orally and in writing, independently and in collaboration with others.


Internationalisation in the Degree Programme in Politics

In the curriculum of the Degree Programme in Politics, internationalisation is inbuilt in a natural manner. Internationalisation is integrated holistically in the studies of the degree programme. Internationalisation and the related skills are motivated from the point of view of the discipline in both the curriculum as a whole and in the learning outcomes at the different levels. The curriculum comprises plenty of studies that can be included in the internationalisation module.

Internationalisation and the accumulation of international skills as part of one’s studies has been taken into account in study guidance and counselling. Internationalisation is both described in the degree programme study guidance and counselling plan, and timed in relation to study counselling and the progression of studies.

The structure of the curriculum of the Degree Programme in Politics is flexible enough to provide students with the opportunity to study abroad as a part of their degree (both on Bachelor's and Master's levels). The degree programme has a comprehensive list of international exchange partners, and the programme also co-operates with these partners widely. In addition, the degree programme has some bilateral partners of its own. After spending a semester or a full academic year in exchange, many Politics' students also complete a voluntary internship period abroad in embassies and international organisations during their Master's studies.

The degree programme offers a significant number of studies in English, which enables internationalisation at home and learning in multicultural communities. Politics also has a long tradition of being involved in several specialised Master's degree programmes offered in English over the years (currently MDP in Leadership for Change (LFC) and MDP in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research (PEACE)).

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