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Degree Programme in Politics

Departmental Examinations 2017–2018

Most course units and modules in the curricula of Politics that are not offered (as taught courses) in English this academic year can be completed by independent study. Please see the respective curricula guide for information on module contents and requirements.

All book exams in Politics are to be taken using the electronic exam service Tenttis. Electronic exams can be taken throughout the academic year whenever there are time slots available in the e-exam rooms. In case a module you wish to take in English does not appear on the available exams' list in Tenttis, please contact the teacher responsible for the module in order to agree on set books or an alternative way of completing the module (N.B. the teacher in charge may not always be the same as the examiner for book exams listed below). Usually this means writing an essay on a topic agreed on with the teacher.

Results of the examinations are posted on the Politics' notice board in Pinni A (4th floor) as well as published in Wentti (virtual results service).

The transcript of records (Politics) is maintained by Ms Johanna Tuomikoski in the Department Office: rm. Pinni A4041, tel. 040 190 1822, email: johanna.tuomikoski(at) For an official copy of your transcript of records, please contact the UTA Registrar's Office (see instructions).

The staff email addresses are of the format <> unless otherwise stated. Replace umlaut or accented letters with non-diacritic characters (e.g. ä->a, ö->o).

Degree Programme in Politics

Bachelor's level

Basic Studies

POLPOP01 Introduction to International Relations, 5 ECTS, Pinja Lehtonen
POLPOP02 Introduction to Political Science, 5 ECTS, Erika Säynässalo
POLPOP04 Political Ideologies, 5 ECTS, Jarmo Rinne
POLPOP05 Politics and Changing Contexts, 5 ECTS, Mikko Räkköläinen

Intermediate Studies

Specialising Studies in International Relations

POLKVA10 The Theory and Method of International Relations (10 ECTS):
  - POLKVA11 The Theory and Method of International Relations (theory), 5 ECTS, Eero Palmujoki
  - POLKVA12 The Theory and Method of International Relations (methodology), 5 ECTS, Eero Palmujoki
POLKVA21 European Integration Theory and External Relations, 5 ECTS, Hanna Ojanen
POLKVA22 EU External Relations: Security, Economy and Values, 5 ECTS, Hanna Ojanen
POLKVA23 European, Eurasian and Global Energy Policy, 5 ECTS, Hanna Ojanen
POLKVA31 International Society, 5 ECTS, Milla Vaha
POLKVA32 Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, 5 ECTS, Milla Vaha
POLKVA33 International Political Economy, 5 ECTS, Mikko Räkköläinen
POLKVA41 New Forms of Violence, Change in Security Paradigm, 5 ECTS, Tarja Seppä
POLKVA42 Conflict Resolution, 5 ECTS, Tarja Seppä
POLKVA43 Peace, Security and International Institutions, 5 ECTS, Tarja Seppä
POLKVA44 Human Rights and International Society, 5 ECTS, Tarja Seppä

Specialising Studies in Political Science

POLVOA21 European Integration and the Political System of the European Union, 5 ECTS, Tapio Raunio
POLVOA22 Multi-level Governance and Europeanisation, 5 ECTS, Tapio Raunio
POLVOA31 Political Institutions and Processes, 5 ECTS, Kaisa Herne
POLVOA32 Comparative European Politics and the Finnish Political System, 5 ECTS, Elina Kestilä-Kekkonen
POLVOA41 Parties, Elections and Civil Society, 5 ECTS, Elina Kestilä-Kekkonen
POLVOA42 Political Communication and Rhetoric, 5 ECTS, Kaisa Herne
POLVOA51 Introduction to Political Theory, 5 ECTS, Mikko Lahtinen
POLVOA52 Old and New Classics of Political Theory, 5 ECTS, Mikko Lahtinen

Master's level

International Relations

POLKVS10 The Theory and Metatheory of International Relations, 10 ECTS, Hannes Peltonen
POLKVS21 Advanced International Relations Research Methods, 5 ECTS, Milla Vaha
POLKVS22 Specialised International Relations Research Methods, 5 ECTS, Milla Vaha
POLKVS31 The Study of World Politics, 10 ECTS, Hannes Peltonen
POLKVS32 Advanced European Integration Studies, 10 ECTS, Hanna Ojanen
POLKVS33 Peace and Conflict Research, 10 ECTS, Tuomas Forsberg

Political Science

POLVOS10 Contemporary Political Theory, 10 ECTS, Kaisa Herne
POLVOS21 Political Systems Outside of Europe, 10 ECTS, Kaisa Herne
POLVOS22 The European Union, 10 ECTS, Tapio Raunio
POLVOS23 Civil Society and Political Participation, 10 ECTS, Elina Kestilä-Kekkonen
POLVOS24 Political Philosophy, 10 ECTS, Mikko Lahtinen
POLVOS25 Political Communication and Rhetoric, 10 ECTS, Kaisa Herne
POLVOS26 Public Policy and Governance, 10 ECTS, Ilkka Ruostetsaari
POLVOS27 Political Systems, 10 ECTS, Kaisa Herne
POLVOS28 Parties and Elections, 10 ECTS, Elina Kestilä-Kekkonen

Study Modules offered as Optional Studies (Joint Thematic Modules)

POLYEP11 Finnish Energy Policy, 5 ECTS, Ilkka Ruostetsaari
POLYEP12 Civic Participation, 5 ECTS, Ilkka Ruostetsaari

For further options, please see also the curricula guide for Thematic Modules offered within the School of Management. NB! These course units and modules are offered by all three degree programmes of the School, and there may be some restrictions for completing them as exchange and visiting students. Always check directly with the teacher in charge and/or the degree programme in question.

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