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Faculty of ManagementFaculty of Management
Degree Programme in Politics

Courses and Study Practices - Exchange Students

1. Check out the current teaching schedule for courses that are offered in English this academic year

Teaching schedule > Faculty of Management > Bachelor's Degree Programme in Politics
Teaching schedule > Faculty of Management > Master's Programme in Politics
Teaching schedule > Faculty of Management > Master's Degree Programme in Leadership for Change
Teaching schedule > Faculty of Social Sciences (coordinating unit) > Master's Programme in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research

For further information on all courses, please contact the lecturer. Regular Politics faculty's office hours are at 13–14 o'clock on Mondays, or by appointment. All teachers can also be contacted by email (

All changes, additions etc. to the courses are always posted on this on-line teaching schedule.

No pre-registration is required unless otherwise stated in the course info in the schedule, just show up for the first lecture.

For information on courses organised by other degree programmes/schools, please see the schools' respective websites or contact their departmental advisers.

2. Completing course units and modules in the curricula of Politics that are not offered (as taught courses) this semester/academic year but are available in English via independent study

See the respective curricula guide for further information on course unit/module contents, requirements and set books.

Contact the teacher in charge of said course unit/module to agree on alternative ways of completing the course unit/module. Usually this means taking a book exam or writing a paper on a topic agreed on with the teacher. All book exams are to be taken using the electronic exam service 'Tenttis'.

>> teachers in charge & examiners for course units/modules in the curriculum of Politics

After completing the required course work successfully either by attending the lectures (incl. the exam/essay) or by independent study (book exams, essay papers etc.), the course unit/module will automatically be added to your transcript of records. Please note that for this a course unit/module code as stated in the curricula guide (e.g. POLVOA32 Introduction to the Finnish Political System and Political History etc.) is always required, so make sure you express clearly under which code you want to have your studies registered if there are several options. Also, always submit your student ID number with all written work.

If you notice mistakes or need to make changes to your transcript of records (Politics), please contact Ms Johanna Tuomikoski in the Department Office: rm. Pinni A4041, tel. 040 190 1822, email: johanna.tuomikoski(at)

For an official copy of your transcript of records, please contact the UTA Registrar's Office (see instructions).

Other study possibilities

Studying in Tampere Region (UNIPOLI network)

International students at the University of Tampere (both exchange and degree students) can take some courses also at Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The cross-institutional studies are offered by the Unipoli network. The Unipoli web site also offers information on the Finnish way of life and happenings in and around Tampere. For further information, please see the university's studies site.

UniPID - Finnish University Partnership for International Development

Virtual Studies are provided on a variety of Sustainable Development topics. UniPID offers all students from member universities the opportunity to complete a minor in Development Studies (25 ECTS) through the UniPID Virtual Studies: Sustainability in Development Programme. Students are free to choose from a list of courses each worth 5 ECTS to tailor an individual study programme. Please see the UniPID courses page to view a list of available courses.

The Finnish University Network for Asian Studies

The Finnish University Network for Asian Studies offers multidisciplinary online courses on Asia for all students from member universities. Please see the Asianet web site for further information on available studies.

Departmental Advisers

International Relations
Lecturer Tarja Seppä
Pinni A4055, tel. 050 318 6034, email: tarja.seppa(at)
Office hours: Monday at 13–14 o'clock (during semesters) or by appointment.

Political Science
University Lecturer Mikko Lahtinen
Pinni A4044, tel. 050 318 5995, email: mikko.i.lahtinen(at)
Office hours: Monday at 13–14 o'clock (during semesters) or by appointment.

International Exchanges - Administration
International Coordinator for Politics (Erasmus+, Nordplus, bilateral agreements)
Coordinator of International Education
Minna Höijer
Pinni A2069, tel. 050 318 6604, email: minna.hoijer(at)
Office hours: Tue & Thu 13–15 o'clock (during semesters) or by appointment.


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