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Consortium of Trust Research – Pathways to Political Trust (CONTRE)

Principal investigators


Elina Kestilä-Kekkonen Leader of CONTRE and sub-project "Process"

is acting professor of political science at University of Tampere and director of CONTRE. Her main research interests lie in the fields of political trust, electoral behaviour and radical right. She has published extensively of these topics for instance in European Journal of Political Research, West European Politics, Scandinavian Political Studies and the European Political Science Review.



GrönlundKimmo13.jpg         Kimmo Grönlund Leader of sub-project "Structure"

is Professor of Political Science and Director of Research of the Social Science Research Institute at Åbo Akademi University. He is the Director of the Finnish National Election Study and Convenor (together with André Bächtiger) of the ECPR Standing Group on Democratic Innovations. His team has conducted five population-based experiments in citizen deliberation. He has published in journals such as Political Behavior, the European Political Science Review, Political Studies, Scandinavian Political Studies, Electoral Studies, the American Review of Public Administration, and the European Journal of Political Research. His book on Deliberative Mini-Publics (edited together with André Bächtiger and Maija Setälä) was published by the ECPR Press in 2014.




Senior research fellows


Kaisa Herne

is professor of political science at University of Tampere. Her research focuses on questions of justice and fairness, the concepts of impartiality, trust and reciprocity, deliberative democracy and voting rules. Her publications range from political philosophy to empirical testing of theories related to political science, economics, and social psychology. In empirical work, she has mainly used the experimental method.

tapio_raunio_pieni kuva.jpg

      Tapio Raunio

is professor of political science at University of Tampere. His research interests include legislatures and political parties, the Europeanization of domestic politics, semi-presidentialism and the Finnish political system. His recent publications include Connecting with the Electorate? Parliamentary Communication in EU Affairs, a special issue of the Journal of Legislative Studies (2014, co-edited with with Katrin Auel); The Changing Balance of Political Power in Finland (2016, co-edited with Lauri Karvonen and Heikki Paloheimo); and Challenging Executive Dominance: Legislatures and Foreign Affairs, a special issue of West European Politics (2017, co-edited with Wolfgang Wagner).



Kim Strandberg


is academy research fellow (Academy of Finland) and adjunct professor of political science (Åbo Akademi University), focuses mainly on Democratic Innovations and political communication in his research. He has done a lot of work with experimental methods and carries on this work within ConTre by focusing on determinants of short-term trust among individuals using survey-experiments. Strandberg has published an extensive amount of articles in international scientific journals including Party Politics, European Political Science Review, Scandinavian Political Studies, New Media & Society. He has also published several chapters in scientific anthologies published by renowned publishers such as Sage, Cambridge University Press and Routledge.


 peter.jpg      Peter Söderlund

is Academic Research Fellow at the Social Science Research Institute, Åbo Akademi University. His research focuses on electoral systems, voting behaviour and political trust. He is currently the principal investigator of the research project "Personalization of electoral competition: long-term institutional effects on party-voter linkages and party systems" (financed by the Academy of Finland 2014–2019). Söderlund is also member of the CONTRE executive committee and leader of the sub-project related to institutional effects on political trust.


 Maria Bäck

works as project researcher (political science) at Åbo Akademi University. She is in charge of work package 1 within the CONTRE-project (“Social structure). The main objective of the work package is to study contextual effects of social capital on political trust. Her previous research has been e.g. on the link between social and political trust, as well as different forms of political participation. She is also member of the National Election Study Consortium.




Doctoral candidates



       Aino Tiihonen Project coordinator of CONTRE

is a PhD candidate at University of Tampere. Her doctoral thesis deals with voting behavior in the context of party-union ties. The main focus is on working class and its links to left-wing parties and trade unions in the 21st century Finland. She mainly applies quantitative methods to her research.




         Thomas Karv

is a PhD student at Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa. His research interests lie in political attitudes towards, and political support for, supranational political systems. His doctoral dissertation focuses on political support for the European Union. The aim is to explain the variations and trends in support for the EU between the member states by looking at different national level contextual factors.





          Josefina Sipinen

is a PhD candidate at University of Tampere. The topic of her doctoral thesis is social networks and political engagement of immigrants in Finland. Currently her research focus is on the candidates of immigrant origin in municipal elections.




Research assistant

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