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Financial Management and Accounting Research Group


10.9.2018 Fredrik Nilsson (Uppsala University): The Production of Strategic and Financial Rationales in Capital Investments: Judgments Based on Intuitive Expertise. At 2-4pm, Pinni A5025


Previous research seminars 2015-2018:

18.8.2015  Sven Model (Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester): “Realizing the Societal Relevance of Management and Organization Research” (Plenum lecture at Method Festival)

9.11.2015 Janne Järvinen (Oulun yliopisto): “Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Management Accounting: A Field Study” (Huikku, J., Hyvönen, T. & Järvinen J.)

23.11.2015 JKK research fair 

30.11.2015 Hannele Mäkelä: Roles of accountability in social entrepreneurship

14.12.2015  Lauri Lepistö & Eeva-Mari Ihantola: Perfect match? Construction of management accountant in recruitment process, Hannu Ojala: Why do owner-managers of micro-companies need voluntary audits? Lili Kihn (& Chris Chapman ja Anja Kern): Taking Organizational Values into Account in Management Control.

25.1.2016 Eija Vinnari (& Sven Modell ja Kari Lukka): Institutional and Actor-Network Theories of Accounting: Can They Be Combined?

7.3.2016 JKK seminar: Liisa Kurunmäki (The London School of Economics and Political Science)

14.3.2016 Benita Gullkvist (University of Hanken, Vaasa): The effects of formal and informal control mechanisms on outsourcing performance; Johanna Heiskanen at 14-16 o´clock, Pinni A5025

21.3.2016 Annukka Jokipii (University of Vaasa): ”Delfoi-menetelmä ja sen sovellus laskentatoimen tutkimukseen” at 14-16 o´clock, Pinni A5025

4.4.2016 JKK-Seminar

11.4.2016 Kirsi Kari (University of Turku, Pori unit) & Timo Hyvönen: "The employment of the levers of control framework" at 14-16 o´clock, Pinni A5025

18.4.2016 Robin Roslender (University of Dundee) "Taking the horses to back to the water -but do they really want to drink? Learning from the experience of disseminating the Intellectual Capital Statement approach among Danish companies" at 14-16 o´clock, Pinni A5025

25.4.2016 Marko Järvenpää (University of Jyväskylä)  "Sense-making on MCS in integration context - A case study"at 14-16 o´clock, Pinni A5025

2.5.2016 JKK-seminaari

23.5.2016 Katariina Kaarbøe (Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen): From comfort to stretch zones: A field study of two multinational companies applying “beyond budgeting” ideas (Anatoli Bourmistrov & Katarina Kaarbøe) at 14-16 o´clock, Pinni A5025

1.6.2016 Kari Lukka (University of Turku) (Note that this seminar is at 12-14 0'clock Pinni A5025)

24.10.2016  Katarina Kaarboe (NHH, Bergen): "From comfort zone to stretch zone – a field study of two multinational companies applying  Beyond Budgeting ideas" (MAR 2013 best paper) at 14-16 o'clock (Pinni A3064)

14.11.2016  Hanna Silvola (Aalto yliopisto) & Eija Vinnari: "The stagnation of sustainability assurance: An institutional work perspective" at 14-16 o'clock (Pinni A3064)

29.11.2016  Dr. Angela Liew (University of Auckland, New Zealand) at 14-16 o'clock  (Pinni A3064)

9.12.2016  Research seminar at Cost Management Center, TTY, at 9-13 o'clock

20.2.2017 Salme Näsi & Lili Kihn: "Emerging diversity in management accounting research. The case of Finnish doctoral dissertations 1945-2015"

20.3.2017 Jukka Pellinen, Henri Teittinen, Marko Järvenpää & Bob Scapens: "Management accounting and control systems in private equity packed firms" (Jyväskylän yliopisto)

24.4.2017 Angela Liew: "Gone fishing with Leximances: System maturity through the perceptions and mindset of senior managers at different stages of a new product development" (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

21.8.2017 Pinni A4086 Michael Jones (Bristol University): "The Review Process in International Journals" & "Editorial Boards of Accounting Journals: Gender Diversity and Internationalism"

9.10.2017 Matti Skoog (Stockholm Business School) "Integrated performance management - the potential relevance of performance ideals and dialog oriented processes."

6-7.2.2018 Research seminar on Accounting and Responsible Business

· Salme Näsi: Opening

· Hannu Saarijärvi: Welcome to the Faculty of Management

· Toomas Haldma (jointly with Kenk, K.): Performance information usage within the mergers of local government

· Lili Kihn: Management Control and Information Systems of Large Finnish Companies: Longitudinal Research

· Timo Hyvönen & Hannele Mäkelä: Performance Measurement and Financial Management of the Finnish Universities

· Lasse Oulasvirta: IPSAS –EPSAS-developments in the Finnish Public Sector

· Lotta-Maria Sinervo & Lasse Oulasvirta: Municipal decision-makers as the users and interpreters of the financial accounting information

· Pasi Leppänen & Salme Näsi: Creative Use of Accrual Accounting in the Finnish Local Governments

· Ülle Pärl (jointly with Paemurru E.): & Pärl Ü: Managing Value with Integrated Reporting in Non-Profit Organizations: A dialogical communication approach

· Kertu Lääts (jointly with Gross M., Haldma, T.): Patterns of Sustainability Information Disclosure in Estonian Companies

· Matias Laine (jointly with Hyvönen, T., Järvinen, J. & Kantola, H.): Accouting figures and organized hypocrisy: a case study on the use of financial environmental information

· Anna Heikkinen: Business to Nature (B2N): Business –stakeholder-nature relationships in the generation of urban ecosystem services

· Johanna Kujala: Sustainablity, stakeholder theory and value-creation


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