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Security Studies Research Group

Publications by the Members of the SSRG:

Andersen, Rune Saugmann (2017) "Video, algorithms and security: How digital video platforms produce post-sovereign security articulations." Security Dialogue 48(4), 354–372.

Andersen, Rune Saugmann (2017) "Hallucination as security knowledge - a reply to Steele." Global Discourse 7(2-3), 219-222.

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Autero, Anniina (2012). Ambiguity of Performance Management in the Fire Safety Policy of Finland. Tampere: Tampere University Press. Acta Universitatis Tamperensis 1773.

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Virta, Sirpa (2013): "Community Policing Innovations in Finland. Case Helsinki Police Department," in Nalla, M. and Newman, G. (eds.), Community Policing in Indigenous Communities. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. Boca Raton. US. 252-267.

Virta, Sirpa (2013): "Governing Urban Security in Finland: Towards the European Model," European Journal of Criminology, 10(3), 341-353.

KOSMOPOLIS -lehden turvallisuustutkimuksen erikoisnumero, 3/2013. Vierailevat päätoimittajat Hiski Haukkala ja Juha Vuori. (In Finnish.)

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