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Leadership for Change

Double degree opportunity

The Leadership for Change (LFC) Students have the opportunity to graduate from a Finnish university and a Russian university by taking a double degree.

The Faculty of Management offers the "Cross-Border International Relations" (CBIR) double degree programme in cooperation with Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg State Universities in Russia. A considerable part of studies is organised jointly by these institutions. Students enrolled as LFC students at the University of Tampere can thus apply for a possibility to get a double degree from a Russian partner university.

How to apply?

University of Tampere students can apply for the right to take the double degree with either Petrozavodsk or St. Petersburg State University after their first year of studies in the programme. Admission to double degree is decided by the partner universities according to their regulations.

What is required to get the double degree?

Students are NOT required to be fluent in Russian to take the double degree. Studies taken in the University of Tampere will be credited towards the degree in one of the Russian partner universities automatically. Some of the courses are organised jointly for the three universities, others will be transferred to the partner university after the student gets the right to take the double degree. In addition, students taking the double degree are required to submit their Master's thesis for examination also in the partner university, and participate in the defence of the thesis according to their regulations. The thesis can be submitted in English.

When will I graduate?

In the Russian system of education, students admitted into a Master's degree are required to have a four-year Bachelor's degree. Master's degree itself lasts two years. To receive both degrees, students in Russia need to have studied for six years, instead of the five years required in Finnish universities. Due to this, the University of Tampere students can graduate from the Russian partner university only two years after being admitted to the double degree.

What degrees will I receive?

Students taking the double degree will graduate from the University of Tampere with the Master's of Social Sciences degree. In addition, they will get a Master in International Relations (Petrozavodsk State University) or Master of International Relations (St. Petersburg State University). The degrees give the student the same qualification and the possiblity to continue to doctoral studies as the "normal" national degree of the field.

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