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Jean Monnet Activities


Jean Monnet Centre works in active co-operation with other public and private bodies, state and regional administration, as well as the NGO sector. The Centre offers expertise, organises events, and carries out and coordinates academic and commissioned research. Jean Monnet professor and other key staff of the Centre, as well as other expert at UTA, present regularly in events organised by the University's interest groups and comment to the media.

Briefing Papers

Pami Aalto: Euroopan unionin ulkopolitiikka 2030 (pp. 15-20 in .pdf)

Pami Aalto: From Separate Policies to Dialogue? Natural Gas, Oil and Electricity on the Future Agenda of EU-Russia Energy Relations? (.pdf)

Pami Aalto, Aileen A. Espiritu, Dimitry A. Lanko, Sarah Naundorf: Coherent Northern Dimension - Report of the Northern Dimension Institute, final report January 2012.

Pami Aalto: How Will Russia Cope in the Emerging New Energy Agenda? (p. 24 in .pdf)

Pami Aalto: 'Policy platforms for regionalizing EU-Russia energy relations' (p. 36 in .pdf)

Pami Aalto, Helge Blakkisrud and Hanna Smith (eds), 'Energising the New Northern Dimension', policy paper prepared for the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Finland and Norway, Spring 2008 (.pdf)


Jean Monnet Professor Hanna Ojanen

Nordic Defence Cooperation – Inspiration for the EU or a lesson in matching expectations? – a TEPSA Policy Paper, Tampere, February 2014 

Jean Monnet Professor Pami Aalto

'Ansaitseeko EU Nobelinsa?', esitys seminaarissa 'EU:n tulevaisuus ja Suomi - enemmän vai vähemmän Eurooppaa?' – Eurooppa-tiedotus, 16.11.2012, Tampere (.pdf)

'Ten theses on the transformation of the Global Energy System, Climate Issues and Expectations for Russia' – presentation in the Valdai Discussion Club, IX Annual Meeting Scenarios for Russia? Economic Development, 21-26 October, 2012, St. Petersburg-Moscow (.pdf)

'EU-Venäjä -politiikkaa!' – Venäjä-tutkimuksen huippuyksikkö "Venäjän modernisaation valinnat", Helsingin yliopiston tiedekulma, 6.3.2012

'EU:n tulevaisuus' – esitelmä Tampereen työväenopiston ja Eurooppa-tiedotuksen tilaisuudessa, Tampere 20.2.2012

'EU, Russia and Arctic energy policy: prospects of cooperation on the intergovernmental and cross-border levels' – presentation in the seminar 'The European Union, Canada, and the Arctic: Chanllenges of International Governance', 22-23 September 2011, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. (.ppt)

‘Interdisciplinary cooperation within the framework of the Northern Dimension Institute: an example from energy sector research’ – presentation in the seminar ‘Open Your Research – Science Across Boundaries’, 8 June 2011, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland (.ppt)

’EU:n energiapolitiikka’ – Esitelmä Tutkijoiden ja kansanedustajien seuran (TUTKAS) seminaarissa ‘Tulevaisuuden energiaratkaisut muuttuvassa ilmastossa’, 16.2.2011, Helsinki (.ppt)

'Multidisciplinary approach to Russia's energy policies: finding a role for sustainability in a fossil fuels rich country' – conference 'Risks and Opportunities in Siberia and the Russian Far East for Sustainable Energy Development', Korea University, Seoul, 26 June 2010

'The Emerging New Energy Agenda and Russia: Implications for Russia's Role as a Major Supplier to the EU' – conference 'Orient on Orient: Images of Asia in Eurasian Countries', special seminar, Slavic Research Centre, Sapporo, 11 July 2010

'The Impact of Global and European Energy Flows on Northern Europe's Boundaries' – workshop 'Global dynamics of Europe's Transborder Regions', University of Oulu, 26-27 May 2009, Oulu (.pdf)

'Pragmatic Foreign Policy in the Wider European Area: Managing Power Differentials in a Pluralist Society of States' – workshop 'The Great Power Mismanagement: the Russian-Georgian War and Its Implications', Central European University, 14 March 2009, Budapest (.pdf)


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