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STEPIN Objectives

The primary aim of STEPIN is to bridge the gap between the expertise acquired through EU studies at the university and the skills and knowledge needed in professional life in the field of EU–Russia relations. STEPIN will be built on considerable academic expertise in both research and teaching, and it is supported by the University of Tampere’s existing networks and collaboration schemes, such as the Master’s Programme on Russian and European Studies and the Finnish–Russian Cross Border University. The expertise and connections that STEPIN will greatly benefit from derive from the University of Tampere’s varied experience in organising high-quality Master’s programmes with a focus on Russia, such as:

  • Master’s Programme in International Relations within Finnish–Russian Cross Border University (2007–2013);
  • European Studies: Europeanization of Politics and Governance (2006–2010);
  • Information Society and Russia (2005–2006);
  • European Studies and World Politics (2002–2003);
  • European Policies, Regional Co-operation and Transformation in North-West Russia (2001–2002);
  • Civil Society and Changing Northern European Societies (2000–2002);
  • International Relations and European Studies (1996–2001);
  • European Integration, Social Change and Regional Cooperation with North-western Russia (1998–2000).

The focus of the STEPIN training course is on professional and practical skills: the representatives from each participating sector (the academia, research institutes, the media, public administration and the private sector), in dialogue with the students, will approach the subject matter from the point of view of the particular expertise needed in the career paths they offer. The annual sub-themes of the course are chosen with specific consideration of its relevance to the parties involved, and the various ways the parties approach the themes will be highlighted. Through practical exercises and exchange with the potential employers, the students will gain an understanding of the various skills – professional, practical and transversal – that are beneficial for succeeding in the professional life and also of the different ways these skills can be learned and further developed through studies and practical experience. The students will be motivated to continuously improve their expertise and pursue self-development throughout their professional careers. 

STEPIN promotes innovation in teaching and research primarily through its practical, learning-by-doing approach: through exercises, demonstrations and dialogue, including using the students’ own Master’s thesis work as material for the exercises, the participants get to understand the variety of ways their expertise can be used. As stated above, the cooperation between the academia and various public and private actors is crucial in fulfilling this aim.

STEPIN is also multi-disciplinary by nature: it brings together people and insights from various disciplines, in particular International Relations, Sociology and Russian Studies. Further academic expertise is brought to the course through cooperation with research institutes, such as the Aleksanteri Institute of the University of Helsinki. Research institutes are among the potential employers introduced at the course, and close collaboration will help the students to understand the requirements of scientific work outside their studies.    

STEPIN improves the quality of professional training on EU subjects in particular by directly linking the topics of academic research with new perspectives and insights provided by actors outside academia. This collaboration enables more in-depth and varied approach to important and timely issues in the field of EU external relations and EU–Russia relations.


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