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Hyeon Su Seo                                                        사진_서현수.jpg                           

Post-Doctoral Research fellow, Doc.Soc.Sc.

tel. +358 (0)44 312 1218



Hyeon Su Seo is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Faculty of Management (Politics), University of Tampere, and at the Center for Distributive Justice (full-time research staff), Seoul National University. He achieved his doctoral degree from the University of Tampere (May 2017). His doctoral thesis explored the transforming relationship between parliaments and citizens in the context of Finnish democracy. He studied also political science in the Seoul National University (B.A. & M.A.), and worked for the National Human Rights Commission of Republic of Korea (4.2003-11.2009).


Reaching Out to the People? Parliament and Citizen Participation in Finland (, IBSN: 978-952-03-0386-0)

  - Supervisor: Prof. Tapio Raunio

  * Selected in the list of recommendation books of the Finnish Parliamentary Library (, 12 April 2017)

Research interests

  • Parliamentary studies (Parliament-citizen relationship in transition)
  • Contemporary democratic theories
  • Democratic innovations and new forms of citizen participation
  • The future of Nordic welfare states and citizenship models (e.g. basic income initiatives)
  • Democracy, Human Rights and Peace in Korean Peninsula and East Asia


Researcher, Towards Citizen-Initiated Community Development: Social innovation policies and practices in Finland, Sweden and Denmark (Jan.–Dec. 2017) Granted by the Walking With Us Children’s Foundation, Republic of Korea.

Doctoral researcher, Parliaments, Citizens and Democracy in the Nordic Countries (led by prof. Tapio Raunio, 1.9.2012–31.12.2016) Funded by Academy of Finland.


2018 Summer 

University Tampere, Peace, Human Rights and Democracy in the Korean Peninsula and East Asia (In English, Interantional Summer School Program)

2018 Spring 

Sogang University, Comparative Politics: Welfare States and Democratic Politics in Nordic Countries (In English, undergradutate)

Seoul National University: Western Politics: Democratic Innovations and the Future of Representative Democracy (In Korean, undergraduate)

Kyung Hee University, Nordic Welfare States and Democracy (In Korean, graduate)

2017 Autumn(Period 2)

Univesirty of Tampere, ‘Democratic Innovations’ and the Future of Representative Democracy(In English, undergraduate)

2016 Spring(Period 3): Parliaments and New Forms of Citizen Participation (In English, undergraduate)

2011 Spring and Autumn

Kyung Hee University, Civic Education (In Korean, undergraduate)


Peer-reviewed academic articles

Seo, H. S. & Raunio, T. (2017) Reaching Out to the People? Assessing the relationship between parliament and citizens in FinlandJournal of Legislative Studies. Vol. 23, Issue 4, 614-634, DOI: 10.1080/13572334.2017.1396694

Serdült, U., Mendez, F., Harris, M., & Seo, H. S. (2016). Scaling Up Democracies with E-Collecting?. In E-Democracy and Open Government (CeDEM), Conference for (pp. 25-31). IEEE.

Seo, H. S. (Forthcoming) Parliament and Direct Forms of Citizen Participation: The political impacts of citizens’ initiatives in Finland. (in progress)

Seo, H. S. (Forthcoming) How do Parliamentary Committees Communicate with Civil Society in the Legislative Process? A case study of Finland. (in progress)

Papers and presentations in academic conferences and seminars

Seo, H. S. (2017) Politics of Constitutional Reforms: The Finnish case and its implications on South Korean debates. Presentation at The Korean Studies in the Social Sciences in Europe: Workshop to Establish the European Association for Korean Studies Scholars in the Social Sciences. (30 June-1st July 2017, University of Turku) 

Seo, H. S. (2016) Parliament and Direct Forms of Citizen Participation: The political impacts of citizens’ initiatives in Finland. Paper presented in the 10th ECPR General Conference (7-10 September 2016, Charles University in Prague)

Seo, H. S. (2015) Parliament and Direct Forms of Citizen Participation: A preliminary assessment on the political impacts of Citizens’ Initiatives in Finland. Paper presented in the 2nd Swiss Summer School Democracy Studies (22-27 June 2015, University of Zurich)

Seo, H. S. (2015) Public Engagement with Parliamentary Committees in Finland: A case study on the Social Affairs and Health Committee’s deliberation of the Bill of Alcohol Act. Paper presented in The Finnish Political Science Association 2015 Annual Conference (19-20 March 2015, Åbo Akademi)

Seo, H. S. & Raunio, T. (2014) Reaching Out to the People? Assessing the relationship between parliament and citizens in Finland. Paper presented at the International Symposium of SuperDemcoracy: Assessing the Participatory Turn and ‘New Democracy’ (11-12 December 2014, Helsinki)

Seo, H. S. (2014) Studying the Eduskunta-Citizens Relationship from the Perspective of the Public. Paper presented at the Finnish Political Science Association 2014 Annual Conference (9-10.3.2014, University of Tampere)

Seo, H. S. (2014) Democracy and Human Rights of South Korea at Crossroads. Paper presented at the Doctoral Seminar on Asian Studies. (2-3 October 2014, University of Tampere)

Seo, H. S. (2013) Democracy of South Korea at Crossroads – Reviewing the Presidential election in 2012 from a citizen’s perspective. Presentation at the Korean Study Seminar. (13 Feb. 2013, University of Turku)

Interview articles

Hanna Hyvärinen, Finnish basic income experiment piques the interest of South Koreans, 23 Feb. 2017, Research & Study, University of Tampere (

* Hanna Hyvärinen, Suomen perustulokokeilu kiinnostaa Etelä-Koreassa (in Finnish), Aikalainen, University of Tampere, 2017/2

Others (Writings in Korean)

Seo, H. S. (2017). From Conflict to Consensus: The Finnish Model of Social Dialogue Built on a Different Path of Nordic Corporatism. The Hankyeore (a national daily newspaper). (, published 23 November 2017)

Seo, H. S. (2017). Mauno Koivisto, a President Beloved by Finnish People (1) – The Finnish Model of Welfare State and Constitutional Reforms towards Parliamentarism. The Tomorrow Research Institute. (, published 11 July 2017)

Seo, H. S. (2017). Mauno Koivisto, a President Beloved by Finnish People (2) – The Finnish Way of Neutrality and Peace Diplomacy. The Tomorrow Research Institute. (, published 12 July 2017)

Seo, H. S. (2017). Politics of Basic Income – Why has the Finnish Government launched a Basic Income Experiment? The Tomorrow Research Institute. (, 23 January 2017)

May 2013. – June 2014. Columnist for Nordic Affairs, Weekly Magazine of the Journalist Association of Korea. (10 pieces of articles,

Seo, H. S. (2013) Landscape of Finnish Welfare State Encountered in the City of Tampere. The Pressian. (Online news journal report)

Levin, L. (2012) Human Rights: Questions and Answers, 6th edition. UNESCO. Translation by Lee, M. & Seo, H. S. Bookscope. (Translation from English into Korean)

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