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Master's Programme in Russian and European Studies

Student experiences

Curiosity led to a flexible programme with a lot of interaction with professors and peers

Sini_V.jpg“Having finished my Bachelor’s in Sweden, I applied for the CBU-program for International Relations at University of Tampere out of pure curiosity. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made.

I appreciated that the CBU-group is relatively small. You really get to know each other and it allows for a lot of feedback from your peers and professors, which is priceless when it comes to personal development. The heterogeneity of the group in terms of backgrounds, interests and points-of-view is intriguing –with five of us in the room there was easily at least six opinions.

There is also a high flexibility with regards to courses and examinations, which is a definite plus since it gives you freedom to choose your own focus or even create your own minor. Moreover, I really appreciated the inspiring experiences with the partner universities, abroad and at home.

Since graduating we’ve all headed quite different directions; some work at organizations or ministries, others are pursuing their PhD. Without doubt the set of analytical skills gained has been a great asset for us all, like for myself working with political reporting at the Embassy of Sweden in Finland.”

-- Sini (Sweden), graduated from the programme 2011


A real eye-opener and great discussions

Cai1.jpg"Studying and living in Finland over the past 18 months has been a real eye-opener for me. The CBU International Relations Masters has been engaging, flexible and with great lecturers. It seems strange to say that a Master’s degree was flexible, especially coming from the UK where the study programmes are pretty rigid. There is almost no limit to the additional modules (from any department) you can pick up and ‘add-on’ to the degree, and it’s amazing that they can offer a high number of contact hours with staff, without charging tuition fees!

One of the reasons I chose the CBU International Relations Masters programme, was because of its close focus on Russia and the exchange opportunities to study in both Petrozavodsk and Saint Petersburg. One of the great advantages of the programme was that we had such a diverse group of students with completely different academic backgrounds that really allowed for great discussions and seminars, especially during the weeklong intensive schools in Petrozavodsk and St Petersburg, when we join the Russian students for classes.

Before moving to Finland, my grandmother said to me with a very serious voice “Why on earth are you moving to Finland of all places, it’s cold, dark and the people don’t talk very much and when they do, it’s an impossible language to understand!”. It’s true, that there are a lot of preconceptions about Finland, Finnish people and the Weather! Sure, it’s not as bright as Spain in the Winter, but when the snow comes, there’s so many opportunities to go skiing, ice skating, or watch ice hockey! Winter isn’t a tragic affair that will have you crying and missing home, it’s something really fun and enjoyable! As for the language, well, yes it is pretty difficult, but it doesn’t take long before you’ve picked up a few phrases and can do your food shopping, order a coffee and ask about the weather, besides the university offer Finnish classes and the quality of teaching is really high. As for Tampere itself, it’s definitely the best city to live in, in Finland, there is always something going on, it’s a large city, with a small town vibe. Plus, it’s actually possible to live quite cheaply here, as the rents are really low, which is good as finding work in Finland is, well not impossible, but rather difficult without learning Finnish. However, there are some great paid internships that you can apply for with University funding and receive study credits also! Living and studying in Tampere has been one of the best experiences of my live, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!"

-- Cai (UK), graduated from the programme 2014


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