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The Language Centre is classified as an independent institute of the University of Tampere since 1975. It specializes in the teaching and research of Languages for Specific Purposes. Our main function is to provide teaching in the official languages of Finland (Finnish and Swedish) and in foreign languages as required in the degree programmes of the University.

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We offer teaching in 9 languages in the academic year 2018 - 2019: Finnish for Finns and Finnish as a foreign language, Swedish, Chinese, English, French, German, Latin, Russian and Spanish. A dozen or so further languages can be studied in our self-access centre.

The teaching for students of the university is either a compulsory part of their degree programmes or then an optional extra. During their studies students take at least three or four compulsory language courses intended to provide them with the language skills they need for their studies, and also later in working life. The compulsory courses are designed according to the wishes of the faculties and departments and teach the language of the special field of the students. They include tuition in writing skills, discussion skills, specialist terminology and current affairs of a culture and area in question.

International students of the University of Tampere may study in Finnish or English, or possibly in some other language. However, priority on most courses will be given to degree students of the University of Tampere. Two Finnish courses for exchange students will be offered, (Survival and Follow-up); exchange students will be included in other courses only if there is space and the minimal quota of degree students has been filled.


Globally Adjusted Professionals

The Language Centre provides language and communication skills that empower global citizens to succeed and make a difference in the world.

The Language Centre organises all compulsory language courses at the University. In addition, it offers a wide range of courses on intercultural communication and less familiar languages. Students can also hone their language skills independently at our Self-Access Centre.

Language Certificates

The Language Centre provides a language certificate to the student upon request. The certificate is based on the language courses completed at the University of Tampere. The Language Centre does not separately test the student’s skills for the language certificate. The certificate consists of the following information: names and scopes of the courses completed, grade awarded, and the CEFR level of the course. Students who need a language certificate should contact Study Secretary Ritva Skön (

Students who plan to embark on an international career or similar should complete internationally-recognized language tests (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS, DELF/DALF, DaF). More information on the tests is available on the internet.


Brushing Up Staff’s Language Skills

The Self-Access Centre (SAC) offers independent study materials in more than twenty languages and is open to the entire staff of the University. SAC’s friendly personnel and wide selection of materials will help you make the most of your independent language studies.


Does Your Text Need Copy-Editing?

Language Services provides a copy editing service for scientific articles, dissertations and other academic, administrative and promotional texts. Our in-house staff and external collaboration partners are all native speakers and seasoned professionals who can make your writing shine.

Questions? We would be happy to tell you more. Contact us at kielipalvelut (at)

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