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All skills

Skill level
Bookshelf code
Media type
Euro-mobil The Euromobil project group C ENG 11.14 CD-rom Multimedia language training material for exchange students in Great Britain based on authentic video sequences from different study situations.
Excel at Academic English Department of Languages, Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge B, C ENG 11.9 CD-roms + booklet Excel at Academic English has been designed to improve the Academic English skills of non-native English speakers. It provides an ideal study aid for students who are planning to study in an English-speaking college or university, or who are already attending one.

The Reading unit focuses on the core skills of identifying main and supporting points and topic sentences, reading for detail, taking notes and summarising, and offers tips for dealing with unknown vocabulary.
The Writing unit guides students through the process of writing discussion essays and reports.
The Listening unit provides exercises for the different types of listening activities that students need to practise: listening to short talks, listening to lectures, labelling diagrams and taking notes.
The Speaking unit enables students to interact with the computer and practise their interview skills.
IELTS Practice tests Oxford, Peter May C ENG 17.4 Book + Audio CD Learner-friendly testing
- training for all tasks
- active skills development
- techniques and tips for success
- essential exam facts
- authentic sample answers
Language to go Cunningham G & Mohamed S B ENG 11.7

Book + phrasebook
(tied to cover)

Language to go combines the requirements of a highly-focused short course with a wealth of extra materials, and contains topics and texts with international appeal. These are designed to motivate learners who have social and professional reasons for learning English.
New Cambridge Advanced English Jones, Leo C ENG 17.3 CDs + workbook  (student & teacher's book) New Cambridge Advanced English is designed to meet the needs of post-First Certificate level students. It contains 20 units of informative and stimulating material to engage learners as they extend and develop their language skills.
Total English Students' Book Clare & Wilson B ENG 11.13 Book + DVD Total English is a new course for young adults and adults. It provides solutions to the challenges teachers and students face every day with a complete package of effective, easy-to-use resources.
WS Vox Pop - authentic video interviews on different topics + interactive exercises Lingonet B, C ENG 11.10 2 CD-roms + teacher's booklet

WS Vox Pop sisältää kokoelman Englannissa kuvattuja autenttisia videohaastatteluja mielipiteitä herättävistä kysymyksistä. Kuhunkin haastatteluun liittyy haastattelujen teemoihin perustuvia interaktiivisia harjoituksia.
Sisältää mm. aukkotehtäviä, sanasto-ja rakennetehtäviä sekä raportointitehtäviä.

Test Your Reading Dean, Michael B, C ENG 11.16 Book

Test Your Reading features 60 motivating reading tests based on magazine articles, stories, newspaper stories, formal and informal letters, poems, jokes and much more. Tips and information boxes, clear explanations and a full answer key make this new book in the series even more user-friendly.


Title Author
Skill level
Bookshelf code
Media type
Accents of English - B, C ENG 12.11 Audio CD The CD includes two digitalized cassettes.

Cassette 1 (00:42:30)
You talk like where you come from: English dial
Separated by a common language: British and American English
Haven’t you got anything cheaper

Cassette 2 (00:14:30)
J.C. Wells Accents of English
12. Canada
16. Australia
17. New Zealand
18. South Africa
20. Africa

Cambridge English Pronunciation is Use Martin Hewings B, C ENG 12.8 Book + 5 Audio CDs The book covers all aspects of pronunciation in communication including word stress, connected speech and intonation. Includes 5 audio CDs.
Clear Speech (North American English) Gilbert, Judy B B, C ENG 12.4 CDs + workbook (student & teacher's book) Clear Speech provides intermediate and advanced students practice in pronunciation and listening comprehension, from individual sounds to stretches of continuous speech.
First part contains clear and nontachnical explanations of English pronunciation, with examples and parctice exercises recorded on the cassettes. The second part contains a recorded short talks and longer lectures for listening comprehension and note-taking.
English for academy study: Pronunciation Jonathan Smith and Annette Margolis A, B, C ENG 12.10 Book + 2 CDs English for academy study: Pronunciation study book
How Now, Brown Cow Ponsonby, Mimi B ENG 12.1 CDs + photocopied book How Now, Brown Cow? is an amusing but demanding and thorough course in pronunciation (including stress, rhythm and intonation) for learners who have acquired some English from written sources but need oral training in order to understand and be understood only.
Sounds English O'Connor, Fletcher B, C ENG 12.6 workbook + CDs Sounds English is a course which trains students in areas of stress and intonation. Each unit starts with intensive practice in hearing and saying particular sounds, then moves on to real-life contexts where stress, intonation and sounds are all involved.
Test Your Pronunciation Vaughan-Rees, Michael B, C ENG 12.9 Book + Audio CD Course features 60 motivating tests to practice key areas of English pronunciation, such as identifying vowels and consonants, looking at the relationship between sounds and spelling, and using word and phrase stress correctly.


Title Author
Skill level
Bookshelf code
Media type
A Practical English Grammar Zhang Daozhen B, C ENG 13.12 Book An English grammar book for Chinese learners.
Advanced Language Practice Vince, Michael B, C ENG 13.8 Book English Grammar and Vocabulary

The grammar section includes verb tenses, the passive form, conditionals, modals, inversion, reported speech, articles, prepositions and relative and non-finite clauses.
The vocabulary section includes topic-based vocabulary, collocations, and idiomatic phrases. It also recycles work on prepositions, and phrasal verbs.
An A-Z English Grammar and Usage Geoffrey Leech, Benita Cruickshank, Roz Ivanic B, C ENG 13.6 5 books Comprehensive coverage of English grammar in over 600 fully cross-referenced entries. Main terms for talking about grammar, meaning, and usage, such as indirect object, pronoun and tag question. Extra language areas and communicative help, such as greetings, introductions, punctuation, letter writing and e-mails. Helpful notes on style, intonation, and British and American usage.
An Advanced English Grammar - C ENG 13.13 Book An advanced grammar of English for Chinese learners.
Cambridge Advanced Grammar in Use, first edition Martin Hewings C ENG 13.3 Book A self-study reference and practice book for advanced learners of English. The student can choose the areas of grammar s/he feels the need to improve, read some theory and examples, do the activities and check the right answers.
Cambridge Advanced Grammar in Use, second edition Hewings Martin C ENG 13.9 Book + CD-ROM Advance Grammar in Use with answers and CD-ROM. A self study reference and practise book for advanced students of English. An updated version of the successful grammar title.
Cambridge Advanced Grammar in Use, third edition Raymond Murphy C ENG 13.11 Book + CD-ROM A self-study reference and practice book for intermediate students of English.
Cambridge Grammar of English Ronald Carter, Michael McCarthy C ENG 13.14 Book + CD Spoken and written English grammar and usage.
Common Errors in English Hancock, Paul B ENG 11.5 Book Common Errors in English-book explains over 300 of the most frequent errors and shows you how to avoid them. It covers the following topics:
- easily confused words
- sentence linkers
- prepositions
- typical grammar mistakes
How ENGLISH Works Swan, Walter B, C ENG 13.2 Book How English Works is for learners of English who want to speak and write more correctly. It contains:
- short clear explanations of the rules of English grammar
- examples of correct use
- exercises
Tense Buster V9 Clarity English A, B, C ENG 13.4 CD-ROM Break through the grammar barrier! CD-rom contains exercises on every language level from elementary to advanced learners and provides a wide range of grammar exercises. You can choose your level and area you want to practice.
Test Your Prepositions Allsop, Watchyn-Jones B, C ENG 13.5 Book The course contains:
- 60 tests for practising using prepositions in English
- variety of tests, including gap-fills, multiple choice, matching
  exercises, cartoons and much more
- tips to guide you on which preposition to use

Speaking and Listening

Title Author
Skill level
Bookshelf code
Media type
Kuvaus / Description
Catching Up - English for Conversation Classes Mortazavi, Eeva/Saarinen, Sanna/Von Bonsdorff, Rebecca B ENG 14.10 Book Catching Up on englannin oppikirja opiskelijoille, jotka haluavat kehittää suullista kielitaitoaan ja saada lisää itsevarmuutta kielen käyttäjinä. Se soveltuu opiskelijoille, joille englannin perus rakenteet ja -sanasto ovat jo tuttuja, mutta joiden keskustelu taidot kaipaavat vielä hiomista. Kirja toimii erinomaisesti keskustelukurssien oppimateriaalina. Jokainen kappale sisältää runsaasti mukaansatempaavia ja hauskoja keskustelutehtäviä, jotka aktivoivat suullista kielitaitoa tehokkaasti.

Kirja koostuu viidestä eri teemaosiosta. Aihepiireihin kuuluvat koti ja perhe, harrastukset, ruoka ja terveys, media ja yhteiskunta, työelämä, ympäristö sekä matkailu. Lisäksi harjoitellaan englannin ääntämistä sekä kuuntelua. Keskusteluharjoitukset ovat käytännönläheisiä ja soveltuvat osaksi arkipäiväisiä viestintä tilanteita.

Eurooppalaisessa viitekehyksessä Catching Up sijoittuu taitotasolle B1.
English for academic study: Listening Canmpbell, Colin and Smith, Jonathan B, C ENG 14.7 2 books + 2 CDs + DVD Authentic lectures recorded in an academic environment. Ideal for students preparing for English-medium study.
Materials: 2 Books (course book and teacher's book)+2CD+DVD
Test Your Listening Aspinall, Tricia B, C ENG 14.5 Book + CD The course contains:
- 60 tests to improve your listening skills
- variety of tests, including gap-fills, multiple choice, matching
  exercises, cartoons and much more
- tips to guide you through the tests


Title Author
Skill level
Bookshelf code
Media type
Englannin tekistinymmärtäminen - opiskelijan opas Olsonen, Monni, Tolsa-Mänttäri, Lehtonen University of Tampere Language Centre B, C ENG 30.3 Book Lukutekniikka
Tiivistelmän kirjoittaminen
English Vocabulary in Use - upper-intermediate & advanced McCarthy, O'Dell B, C ENG 15.1 Book Book contains exercises on word formation, countable & uncountable nouns, phrasal verbs and verb-based expressions etc.
English for Academic Study: Vocabulary Study Book Campbell, Colin B, C ENG 15.5 Book This book can be used to practice academic vocabulary skills (incl. exercises for vocabulary use and effective use of dictionary).

Kirja sisältää tehtäviä, jotka harjoittavat englannin akateemista sanastoa sekä parantavat valmiuksia käyttää sanakirjaa sanaston opiskelun apuvälineenä.
Really Useful English Idioms D'Arcy Adrian-Vallance B ENG 15.3 Book The book contains over 130 of the most common idioms used in English today. Topics include: friends and family, thinking and learning, dating and romance. work and business.
Test Your English Vocabulary In Use McCarthy, O'Dell B, C ENG 15.2 Book Book contains exercises on word formation, connecting and linking words, idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs and verb-based expressions.
Test Your Idioms Peter Watchyn - Jones B, C ENG 15.4 Book Book features 60 tests providing motivating practice in understanding and using idioms in English. Book also covers 60 tests to practise the most important idioms at intermediate to advanced level, including gap-fills, multiple choice, matching exercises and so on.
Test Your Phrasal Verbs Allsop, Jake B, C ENG 15.6 Book The fifty tests in this book are divided into five parts and, through a wide variety of test types, offer a thorough grounding in how to form and use phrasal verbs. Crosswords and cartoons are included along with multiple-choice questions and pattern drills to make the book both entertaining and useful.
English Phrasal Verbs in Use McCarthy, O’Dell B, C ENG 15.7 Book English Phrasal Verbs in Use is a vocabulary book for good intermediate level learners and above. It is primarily designed as a self-study reference and practice text but it can also be used for classroom work.
English Vocabulary In Use – Pre-intermediate & intermediate Redman, Stuart B ENG 15.8 Book English Vocabulary in Use Pre-intermediate & intermediate is primarily designed as a self-study reference and practice text but it can also be used for classroom work. This second edition has been fully revised and updated to ensure that the vocabulary presented is current and relevant.







Social sciences

Title Author
Skill level
Bookshelf code
Media type
Listen! Series - Canadian profiles D. Cioran Samuel B, C ENG 21.7 Audio CD Canadian Profiles is aimed at students at the intermediate level of instruction. The course attempts to provide an introduction to Canadians by age, gender, nationality and interests. It should be viewed as a resource book for both students and instructions due to different ways of utilizing the materials contained in the book.
The Bend in the Road - An Invitation to the World and Work of L.M. Montgomery - B, C ENG 21.6 CD-ROM + booklet This CD Rom features various topics including:
- a look at the life of L.M. Montgomery
- a look at the works of L.M. Montgomery
- author's impact on the world

It also provides several web resources for further study.


Title Author
Skill level
Bookshelf code
Media type
English in Medicine Glendinning, Holmström B, C ENG 22.5 Book For doctors, medical students and other medical professionals who use English to communicate with patient and colleagues. It aims to develop speaking and listening skills, but attention is also given to reading skills. Practice in writing is also provided in writing referral letters and completing a range of medical documents.
Good Practice McCullagh, Wright B, C ENG 22.4 student's book, teacher's book, cd, dvd Good Practice is a course for doctors and medical students who need to communicate with patients in English. It focuses on the language and communication skills that doctors need to make consultations more effective through a focus on five elements of good communication: verbal communication, active listening, voice management, non-verbal communication and cultural awareness.
Professional English in Use - Medicine Glendinnig-Howard A, B, C ENG 22.1 Book Contains 60 units coverin medical vocabulary:diseases, symptoms, investigations, treatment, examinig and prevention. Introduces general medical vocabulary related to parts and functions of the body, medical and para-medical personnel, education and training, research, and presentations.
Test Your Professional English - Medical Pohl, Alison B, C ENG 22.3 Book The book is organized into 8 sections and covers over 500 key words and expressions in areas such as body systems, patient history and examination, medical conditions and drugs and treatment.
The book contains:
- 60 tests on key words and expressions
- tips on using English for medical communication




Title Author
Skill level
Bookshelf code
Media type
Best Practice Bill Mascull and Jeremy Comfort B ENG 23.27 Coursebook Best Practice offers business English in a global context. Its topic-based modules train students in the skills needed to communicate in the professional and personal sides of modern business life.
Business Conversations in English Anna Jokela, Laura Wagner B, C EN 23.28 Book Workbook for practicing business conversations in pairs.
Business English Handbook Paul Emmerson B, C ENG 23.25 Book + CD Business English handbook. For class and self study. The whole of business in one book.
Business English Phrases Badger, Ian B ENG 23.10 Book Quick Guide book with over 150 of the most useful phrases and expressions used in modern business world.
Business English Phrases covers themes such as oragnizing meetings, giving presentations, telephoning and using e-mail and the Internet
Busines English Verbs Evans, David B ENG 23.9 Book Quick Guide book with over 300 of the most important verbs used in business. Business English Verbs covers themes such as arranging meetings, buying and selling, marketing and promotion and entertaining business contacts.
Business English Words Eastment, David B ENG 23.8 Book Quick Guide book with over 300 of the most common words used in business. Business English Words covers themes such as companies and organizations, products and services, sales and marketing and finance.
Business Listening Tasks Corbett & Hanks B, C ENG 23.3 CDs + workbook - student & teacher's book Business Listening Tasks is for professionals or trainee professionals in a wide range of fields in business, commerce and administration who need to understand authentic spoken English. It is suitable for learners at intermediate and upper-intermediate levels.

Themes of the book:
- making contact
- buying and selling
- company structure
- job descriptions
- fulfilling orders
- scheduling
- planning and control
- a business meeting
- presentations
- the company's image
Business Vocabulary in Practice Sue Robbins B, C ENG 23.22 Book Key business terms and vocabulary explained in full, with thousands of examples of real English. Covers the following areas: Global Trading, Sales, Marketing, Production, Finance, Customer Service.
Business Vocabulary in Use - Advanced Bill Mascull B, C ENG 23.21 Book This book is suitable for Upper Intermediate  and Advanced learners of business English. It consists of 50 units with presentation material on the left-hand page and practice exercise on the right-hand page. Topics include: People and organisations; Quality; Strategy; Marketing; IT and the Internet; Ethics and Globalisation.
Business Vocabulary in Use Mascull, Bill B, C ENG 23.19 Book Business Vocabulary in Use is suitable for intermediate and upper level learners of business English.
The book covers a wide range of business topics including Jobs, People and Organisations, Production, Marketing, Finance and the Economy and Business Culture. Business skills covered include meetings, negotiating and presentation.
Business or Pleasure - A, B, C ENG 23.18 2 CD-ROMs Business or Pleasure on varta vasten suomalaisille laadittu englannin kielen oppimateriaalikokonaisuus, jonka tavoitteena on yleiskielen taitojen ja sanavaraston vahvistamisen lisäksi parantaa opiskelijan valmiuksia hoitaa työtehtäviään englannin kielellä. Kielen alkeista lähtevä sarja on jaettu kuuteen oppikokonaisuuteen, joiden vaatimustaso vaikeutuu osa osalta.

(4 kopiota myös Nytta eller Nöje rompuilla - katso Ruotsin materiaali)
Cambridge English for Job-Hunting Downes, Colm B, C ENG 23.24 Book + 2 CDs Cambridge English for Job-Hunting covers the core areas in applying for a job in English, such as, preparing a CV, writing a cover letter and answering interview questions. The book and the accompanying cd's are aimed at upper-intermediate to advanced learners of English (B2-C1).
Cambridge Professional English in Use - Finance Ian MacKenzie B, C ENG 23.26 Book 50 units covering the most up-to-date financial vocabulary, from accounting to borrowing and lending, central banking to venture capital and many more areas including financial idioms and metaphors.
English for Business Communication Sweeney, Simon B, C ENG 23.5 CDs + workbook English For Business Communication is a short course for intermediate level students who need to improve their communicative ability when:
- socialising
- telephoning
- presenting
- taking part in meetings
- negotiating
English for Business Studies MacKenzie, Ian B, C ENG 23.4 CDs + workbook English for Business Studies is a course for upper-intermediate level and advanced level students who need to understand and talk about the key business and economic concepts.
The book covers a full range of business and economic issues, including Work and Motivation, Production, Marketing, Banking, Business Ethics, Exchange Rates and International Trade.
Executive Listening Waistell, Mark B, C ENG 23.6 CDs + workbook Executive Listening is intended for the Business English learner of an intermediate or upper-intermediate level. It covers topics such as international travel, business meetings, customer service, sales techniques, cultural awareness and negotiating skills. The listening tasks are supplemented by various reading, writing and vocabulary activities to exploit fully the theme of each unit.
Infotech - English for Computer Users Santiago Remacha, Esteras B, C ENG 24.1 2 books: student's & teacher's + Audio CD Infotech is a comprehensive course for intermediate level learners who need to be able to understand and use the English of computing for study and work.
Key features of the course include:
- a wide variety of tasks and styles of presentation to engage the learner
- authentic reading texts from the world of computing
- a systematic approach to language development
- emphasis on vocabulary acquisition and word-building techniques
- a comprehansive glossary of technical terms
- grammar reference sections
Professional Writing: The Complete Guide for Business, Industry and IT Marsen, Sky C ENG 23.23 Book (4 items) Professional Writing is a comprehensive, accessible and engaging guide to writing for business and technology.

This fully revised and updated second edition covers all the major need of the workplace, preparing you to analyse your audience and the requirements of a project, plan your document accordingly and in doing so, ensure effective communication with management, clients, peers and the wider public.

You will learn how to:
- research a topic successfully using both print and electronic sources
- modify your style to suit the requirements of the situation
- present technical concepts and topics to non-specialist readers
- write and format business reports, magazine articles and technical documentation
- work collaboratively in teams

Telephoning in English B. Jean Naterop & Rod Revell B, C ENG 23.7 CD-ROM The Telephoning in English CD-Rom gives you a comprehensive course to improve your ability in the vital business communication skills area.
Each of the 8 units on the CD-Rom contains:
- listening tasks
- vocabulary practice
- language practice
- speaking activities
- language reference material
Test Your Business English - Accounting Pohl, Alison B, C ENG 23.14 Book This book contains over 50 stimulating tests designed for practising and revising essential English vocabulary relating to accountancy. An answer key and multilingual wordlist make this an ideal reference for students and professionals alike.
Test Your Business English - Finance Sweeney, Simon B, C ENG 23.15 Book This book contains sections on financial planning, managing company finances, measuring financial performance and banking & finance.
There are over 50 stimulating tests designed for practising and revising essential English vocabulary relating to the world of finance. After the tests, there is a complete answer key followed by a full multilingual A-Z list.
Test Your Business English - General Usage McKellen, J.S. B, C ENG 23.13 Book This book contains 50 stimulating tests designed for practising and revising essential Business English vocabulary. The book also includes a multilingual wordlist together with an answer key.
Test Your Business English - Marketing Sweeney, Simon B, C ENG 23.16 Book This book contains sections on promotion, market research, products and planning & international marketing. There are over 50 stimulating tests designed for practising and revising essential English vocabulary relating to marketing. After the tests, there is:
- a complete answer key
- a full multilingual A-Z list
Test Your Professional English - Business: General Flinders, Steve B, C ENG 23.11 Book This thoroughly revised and updated edition features 60 clear and simple tests for business students and professionals who use English in their work. The book is organized into 8 sections and covers over 500 key words and expressions in areas such as marketing, finance, human resources, computing, meetings, presentations and business travel.
Test Your Professional English - Management Sweeney, Simon B, C ENG 23.12 Book The book is organized into 8 sections and covers over 500 key words and expressions in areas such as management styles, team-building, organizational culture, managing change, management control and systems management and international management.
The book contains wide variety of tests, including crosswords, cartoons, fill-the-gaps and many more.
Working English Westlake, Pitkänen, Lehtonen, Moore B ENG 23.2 Book + CDs Working English is designed for Europeans who need to use English in their work. The book concentrates on the following themes: making contact, meeting people, receiving visitors, formal and informal meetings, negotiation, presentations, socializing, dealing with problems, attending conferences and attending fairs.
Test Your Business Vocabulary in Use Aspinall,  Bethell B, C ENG 24.2 Book Test Your Business Vocabulary in Use is suitable for intermediate and upper intermediate level learners of Business English. The book covers a wide range of Business topics including Jobs, People and Organisations, Production, Marketing, Finance and the Economy and Business Culture. Business skills covered include Meetings, Negotiating and Presentations.

Academic and study skills

Title Author
Skill level
Bookshelf code
Media type
Cambridge English Vocabulary in Use MIchael McCarthy, Felicity O'Dell B, C ENG 30.4 Book 50 units of academic vocabulary reference and practice.
Learner Independence Worksheets 1 & 2 IATEFL A, B, C ENG 30.6 Booklet Photocopiable worksheets to promote learning outside the classroom. Meant for teachers, but is very useful for students to plan their self-studying.

Students of all levels and ages will benefit from gaining greater independence in learning by using the worksheets as homework or in the self-access centre.

Worksheets are divided into three sections:
- teacher training
- learner training
- independent learning in the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and vocabulary.
Passport to Academic Presentations - Student's Book ENG 30.5 Book + CD + DVD The student's book and the accompanying CD and DVD will help you to develop your oral presentation skills in the academic context.


Title Author
Skill level
Bookshelf code
Media type
22 Britannian Road Amanda Hodgkinson C ENG 40.20 Book A novel:

In war we sometimes lose ourselves...

It is 1946 and Silvana and eight-yer-old Aurek board a ship that will take them from Poland to England. Silvana has not seen her husband Janusz in six years, but, they are assured, he has made a home for them in Ipswich.

However, after living wild in the forests for years, carrying a terrible secret, all Silvana knows is that she and Aurek are survivors. Everything else is lost. While Janusz, a Polish soldier who has crisscrossed Europe during the war, hopes his family will help him put his own dark past behind him.

But the war and the years apart will always haunt each of them, unless togeth
Barracuda Christos Tsiolkas C ENG 40.27 Book A novel:

Danny Kelly has one chance to escape his working-class upbringing. As a gifted young swimmer he looks set for fame, fortune and revenge on the bullying rich boys at the private school where he studies on a sports scholarship. Everything Danny has ever done, every sacrifice his family has ever made, has been in pursuit of his dream. But when he fails at his first big international championship, he turns on everyone around him and b
Contact Jonathan Buckley C ENG 40.30 Book A novel:

Dominic Pattinson's life is one of level contentment. His marriage has proved happy and durable; his businesses is succesful. And then Sam Williams, builder and ex-squaddie, enters his life. Sam claims to be his son.

Yet is Sam who he says he is? After almost thirty years, Dominic can remember little of his affair with Sam's mother. His instinct is to recoil from this volatile and perhaps dangerous stranger. Sam, however, refuses to be dismissed.

With its deft switches of sympathy between menaced 'father' and rebuffed 'son', Buckley's novel is both a thriller and a subtle exploration of the intricacies of memory.
Facts about Ireland - B, C ENG 40.15 CD-ROM + book Facts about Ireland is a multimedia introduction to Ireland, presented as a parade, with sections on;
- culture
- services
- economy
- the Irish State
- land and people
- Northern Ireland
- Ireland in the World
Fall of Giants Follet, Ken C ENG 40.33 Book A novel:

Book one of THE CENTURY trilogy

"Five families are brought together through the world-shaking dramas of the First World War, the Russian Revolution and the struggle for votes for women.
 It is 1911, and the coronation day of King George V. Thirteen-year-old Billy Williams begins his first day at work in a coal mine.
 The Williams family is connected by romance and enmity to the Fizherberts, aristocratic coal-mine owners. Lady Maud Fitzherbert falls in love with Walter von Ulrich, a spy at the German Embassy in London. Their destiny is entangled with that Gus Dewar, ambitious  young aide to U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. Two orphaned Russian brothers soon become involved, but Grigori and Lew Peshkov's plan to emigrate to America falls foul of war, conscription and revolution.

FALL OF GIANTS combines richly developed historical detail with fast-moving action and powerful emotion to deliver this absorbing narrative."
Famous British & American Songs and their Cultural Background Papa, M & Iantorno G B, C ENG 40.6 Book This collection of well-known British and American songs is accompanied by notes dealing with difficult vocabulary in the songs and relevant passages on many aspects of British and American culture.
Girl from the South Joanna Trollope C ENG 40.16 Book A novel:
Gillon is an American Southerner, but definitely not a Southern belle. An art historian, she takes a job in London largely to escape the family and social pressures of her home town, Charleston, South Carolina.

Once in London, she meets Tilly, the features editor on an arts magazine, and makes her first English friend. She also meets Henry, a wildlife photographer and Tilly's long-term boyfriend. Henry, like so many of his generation, can't commit to the one thing Tilly wants above everything - marriage.

Inadvertently, Gillon offers Henry an escape - the chance to go and photograph the wonderful wildlife in South Carolina. Neither he nor she bargains on what he will find there, nor on the effect his departure will have on Tilly and the world he leaves behind.
Gold Chris Cleave C ENG 40.19 Book A novel:

Kate and Zoe are friends but also ardent rivals - athletes at the top of their game, fighting to complete in the world's greatest sporting contest. Each scarred by tragedy, and each with a great deal to lose, they must choose between family and glory and ask themselves: what will I sacrifice?

Gold captures the extraordinary effort and dedication that go into the pursuit of victory. But this life-affirming novel is about more than sport. It is about human endurance, motherhood and love, and what enables us all, in our different ways, to achieve the remarkable.

It is a story told as only Chris Cleave could tell it. And once you begin, it will be a heart-pounding race to the finish.
Ladder of Years Anne Tyler C ENG 40.18 Book A novel:

On a beach holiday, forty-year-old Cordelia Grinstead, dressed only in swimsuit and beachrobe, walks away from her family and just keeps on walking...
Last Night in Twisted River John Irving C ENG 40.23 Book A novel:

In 1954, in the cookhouse of a logging and sawmill settlement in northern New Hampshire, an anxious twelve-year-old boy mistakes the local constable’s girlfriend for a bear. Both the twelve-year-old and his father become fugitives, forced to run from Coos County—to Boston, to southern Vermont, to Toronto—pursued by the implacable constable. Their lone protector is a fiercely libertarian logger, once a river driver, who befriends them and distantly watches over them like a vast, idiosyncratic guardian...
New Swan Shakespeare - A Midsummer Night's Dream Shakespeare William / edited by J.W.Lever B, C ENG 40.9 Book This edition is designed especially for students of English as a second language. The full text of each play is accompanied by notes that have been written within a controlled vocabulary of 3000 words.
The volume contains an introduction with notes on the characters in the play, a note on the language of the play covering metaphor, simile and imagery, and a note on the dramatic construction of the play.Then follows the play with the detailed notes set immediately facing the text to which they refer.
New Swan Shakespeare - Macbeth Shakespeare William / edited by Bernard Lott B, C ENG 40.8 Book This edition is designed especially for students of English as a second language. The full text of each play is accompanied by notes that have been written within a controlled vocabulary of 3000 words.
Each volume contains an introduction with full notes on the characters in the play, a note on the language of the play covering metaphor, simile and imagery, and a note on the dramatic construction of the play. Both linguistic and textual difficulties are covered and there is a general note on each scene.
New Swan Shakespeare Advanced Series - The Tempest Shakespeare, William / edited by Bernard Lott C ENG 40.13 Book These editions of Shakespeare's plays are designed especially for students at university level.
The introduction explains the historical, social and philosophical background to the play and the Elizabethian theatre. The text of the play has a general note on each scene and detailed notes are set facing the text to which they refer. The glossary at the back gives the location of all the difficult or unusual words in the text together with a brief explanation of their meaning.
Nineteen Eighty-Four Orwell, George B, C ENG 40.7 Book The book also contains an introduction to the novel as well as providing information on Orwell's life and works.
Please Look After Mom Kyung-Sook Shin C ENG 40.22 Book A novel:
When sixty-nine-year-old So-nyo is separated from her husband among the crowds of the Seoul subway station, her family begins a desperate search to find her. Yet as long-held secrets and private sorrows begin to reveal themselves, they are forced to wonder: how well did they actually know the woman they called Mom?
Told through the piercing voices and urgent perspectives of a daughter, son, husband, and mother, Please Look After Mom is at once an authentic picture of contemporary life in Korea and a universal story of family love. You will never think of your mother the same way, after you read this book.
Room Emma Donoghue C ENG 40.28 Book A novel:

It's Jack birthday, and he's excited about turning five. He lives with is Ma in Room, which has a locked door and a skylight, and measures 11 feet by 11 feet. He loves watching TV, and the cartoon characters he calls friends, but he knows that nothing he sees on screen is truly real - only him, Ma and the things in Room. Until the day Ma admits that there's a world outside...
Sister Rosamund Lupton C ENG 40.24 Book A novel:

Nothing can break the bond between sisters ...

When Beatrice gets a frantic call in the middle of Sunday lunch to say that her younger sister, Tess, is missing, she boards the first flight home to London. But as she learns about the circumstances surrounding her sister's disappearance, she is stunned to discover how little she actually knows of her sister's life - and unprepared for the terrifying truths she must now face.

The police, Beatrice's fiance and even their mother accept they have lost Tess but Beatrice refuses to give up on her. So she embarks on a dangerous journey to discover the truth, no matter the cost.
Sonette William Shakespeare C ENG 40.10 Book A bilingual (English & German) book of William Shakespeare's poems.
Street USA Shakespeare William / edited by M.R. Ridley B, C ENG 40.14 Book This edition is designed for students at the intermediate level of their study. The play appears with critical notes, apparatus, appendices giving extracts from the relevant sources and a full introduction.
The Arden Shakespeare - Antony and Cleopatra Shakespeare William / edited by M.R. Ridley B, C ENG 40.11 Book This edition is designed for students at the intermediate level of their study. The play appears with critical notes, apparatus, appendices giving extracts from the relevant sources and a full introduction.
The Arden Shakespeare - As You Like It Shakespeare William / edited by Agnes Latham B, C ENG 40.12 Book This volume contains a full introduction to the play together with notes explaining the story of the play.
The Arden Shakespeare - Othello Shakespeare William / edited by M.R. Ridley B, C ENG 40.10 Book This edition is designed for students at the intermediate level of their study. The play appears with critical notes, apparatus, appendices giving extracts from the relevant sources and a full introduction.
The Book of Strange New Things Michel Faber C ENG 40.35 Book

What could hold two people together, even when they are worlds apart?

Peter Leigh is called on a journey of a lifetime, a highly unusual humanitarian mission into deep space. One that will take him light-years from his beloved wife, Bea.

As Peter pushes up agains his own limits, word reaches him taht Bea's world back home is falling apart. Faber's novel asks how love might survive such distance.
The Finn's Tale Mike Horwood B, C ENG 40.32 Book Len Makinen tells the story of his family roots; of how his grandparents emigrated from Finland in 1920 and settled in America. In middle age Len suddenly becomes interested in his family history and the unknown relatives who live in Finland. He re-establishes contact and eventually travels to Finland to meet them, to see the village that his grandparents left and the land they worked on, to discover what his life would have been if he'd been born a Finn.

In The Finn's Tale, Len recounts his experiences on that trip and what it taught him about himself. But The Finn's Tale is not Len's story: it's the story of the second cousin, Päivi, who he meets there... and of much else besides.
The Forgotten Waltz Anne Enright C ENG 40.21 Book A novel:

If it hadn't been for the child then none of this might have happened.

She saw me kissing her father.
She saw her father kissing me.

The fact that a child got mixed up in it all made us feel that it mattered, that there was no going back.
The Illumination Kevin Brockmeier C ENG 40.26 Book A novel:

All over the world, pain is manifesting itself as light. Cuts blaze and flash. Arthritic joints glow. Injured troops emit white shards into the desert night. On the news, they're calling it 'The Illumination'. As this breathtaking phenomenon takes hold, a private journal of love notes passes into the keeping of Carol Anne Page, a lonely hospital patient, and from there through the lives of five other people. Each of them will find their lives changed forever, over a story that spans decades and continents, a story that shines a spectacular light on the wounds we all bear...
The Norton Anthology of English Literature Abrams, Donaldson, David, Smith... C ENG 40.31 Book This anthology is designed for the indispensable courses that introduce students to the unparalleled excellence and variety of English literature.
The Secret Scripture Sebastian Barry C ENG 40.17 Book A novel:

The mental hospital where psychiatrist Dr Grene works is about to shut down, and he sets about investigating the history of his patient Roseanne. She was committed there as a young woman and now - her records long lost - is nearing her hundredth birthday. At the same time, Roseanne is looking back on the tragedies and passions of her life through a secret journal: her turbulent childhood in rural 1930s Ireland, and the subsequent marriage which she believed would finally bring her happiness. When Dr Grene finally uncovers the circumstances of her arrival at the hospital, it leads to a secret that will whoch them both.
The Slap Christos Tsiolkas C ENG 40.25 Book A novel:

At a Suburban barbecue one afternoon, a man slaps an unruly boy. It's a single act of violence. But this event reverberates through the lives of everyone who witneses it happen.
When She Woke Hillary Jordan C ENG 40.29 Book

A novel:

Hannah Payne is a red.
Her crime: murder.
And her victim, says the state of Texas, was her unborn child.

Lying on a table in a bare room, covered by only a paper gown, Hannah awakens into a nightmare. Cameras broadcast her every move to millions at home, for whom observing new Chromes - criminals whose skin has been genetically altered to match the class of their crime - is a sinister form of entertainment.

Hannah refuses to reveal the identity of the father. But cast back into a world that has marked her for life, how far will she go to protect the man she loves?

Winter of the World Follet, Ken C ENG 40.43 Book Novel:

Book Two of THE CENTURY trilogy

"Five interlinked families live out their destinies as the world is shaken by tyranny and war in the mid-twentieth century.

Berlin in 1933 is upheaval. Eleven-year-old Carla von Ulrich struggles to understand the tensions disrupting her family as Hitler strengthens his grip on Germany. Many are resolved to oppose Hitler's brutal regime - but are they willing to go so far as to betray their country? Such people are closely watched by Volodya, a Russian with a bright future in Red Army Intelligence.

At Cambridge, Lloyd Williams is irresistibly drawn to dazzling American socialite Daisy Peshkov, who represents everything his left-wing family despise. But Daisy is more interested in aristocratic Boy Fitzherbert - amateur pilot, party lover and leading light of the British Union of Fascists.

In this spellbinding epic, the international clas of military power and personal beliefs will sweep over the world, from Cable Street in London's East End to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, from Spain to Stalingrad, from Dresden to Hiroshima."


Title Author
Skill level
Bookshelf code
Media type
American-English & English-American dictionary Anthea Bickerton B, C ENG 50.24 Booklet A two-way glossary of words in daily use on both sides of the Atlantic. From 1970s.
Cambridge Advanced Leraner's Dictionary - C ENG 50.12 Book + CD-ROM Dictionary contains 170 000 words, phrases and examples as well as special notes to show you how to avoid common mistakes. CD Rom also includes thesaurus and 'listen and speak' section to improve your pronunciation by listening to any word and repeating it.
Cambridge International Dictionary of English - B, C ENG 50.10 Book The Cambridge International Dictionary of English is aimed at learners and users of English from intermediate level upwards. The dictionary contains 100 000 words and phrases arranged alphabetically under 50 000 headwords and more than 100 000 example sentences showing English in context.
Cambridge Leraner's Dictionary - B, C ENG 50.14 Book + CD-ROM The ideal dictionary for intermediate learners of English with a complete dictionary CD-ROM too. The CD also has British and American sound recordings for every word so you can check and practise your pronunciation together with 'clickable' thesaurus.
Collins Cobuild Advanced Lernaer's Dictionary New Edition HarperCollins C ENG 50.18 Book + CD-ROM Fifth Editon of the Collins Cobuild Advanced Learners Dictionary. Contains also Acces to English -  a practical supplement containing essential phrases helping with essay-writing, correspondence, job applications etc. Dictionary CD-ROM with 5 million words of real English.
Collins Cobuild Dictionary of Idioms G. Fox, R. Moon and J. Sinclair A, B, C ENG 50.2 Book Book explains approximately 4400 current British and American English idioms. It also contains information about idiom frequencies, detailed explanations of usage and coverage of the ways in which idioms vary.
Englanti-suomi sanakirja Rekiaro, Ilkka A, B, C ENG 50.22 Book Gummeruksen kielikirjaston yli 25 000 hakusanan englanti-suomi-sanakirja.
Englantilais-suomalainen suursanakirja Raija Hurme & Maritta Pesonen A, B, C ENG 50.1 Book Kirja sisältää 60 000 hakusanaa ja runsaasti selventäviä esimerkkilauseita. Mukana myös monipuolinen slangisanasto, tärkeimmät amerikanenglannin ilmaisut sekä erikoisalojen ilmaisuja.
Longman Business English Dignen S, Gadsby A & Summers D B, C ENG 50.5 Book Book contains over 20 000 words and phrases and real example sentences from a wide range of business sources such as The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Internet. Clear definitions and authentic example sentences show clearly how words and phrases are used.
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English A, B, C ENG 50.13 Book Book features over 106 000 words and phrases and thousands of synonyms and antonyms. It also has over 63 000 natural word combinations to show which words can be used together.
Longman Dictionary of Scientific Usage - C ENG 50.9 Book The Longman Dictionary of Scientific Usage is written specially for students learning science through English, it shows the meaning of over 10 000 terms and how to use them in the correct scientific way. The entries are arranged in 125 sets covering all the important areas of the sciences of biology, physics, and chemistry, and presented, by means of examples, collocations, and notes, to bring out differences in meaning and usage.
Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners (American English) - C ENG 50.11 Book The course contains over 100 000 references with 30 000 idioms and phrases, up-to-date information on new words, spoken English and how words are used. It also has clear, simple explanations using only 2 500 of the most common words.
Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners New Edition A&C Black Publishers Ltd C ENG 50.17 Book + CD-ROM Hundreds of new words, more collocations, synonyms and antonyms, accompanying CD-ROM.
Oxford Dictionary of English Oxford University Press A, B, C ENG 50.19 Book Dictionary of English
Oxford Thesaurus of English Oxford Corpus B, C ENG 50.23 Book - Explore the richness of the English language with hundreds of thousands of synonyms and antonyms and thousands of example sentences drawn from the Oxford English Corpus
- Express yourself more accurately with "Choose the Right Word" boxes exploring the difference between similar words
- Find the word you need quickly with most useful synonyms given first
- Broaden your vocabulary and find solutions to word puzzles and crosswords with carefully selected thematic word lists

- 600,000 synonyms and antonyms
- 35,000 example sentences
- 700 Word Links
- 300 'Choose the Right Word' boxes
Suomi-englanti suursanakirja Hurme M, Malin R-L & Syväoja O A, B, C ENG 50.7 Book Kirja kattaa noin 160 000 hakusanaa ja sanontaa, mukana myös runsaasti arkikielen ilmaisuja. Hakusanastoa on täydennetty uudissanastoista, eri hakuteoksista sekä kirjallisuuden ja radion kielestä kerätystä aineistosta. Kirjassa on myös huomioitu tasapuolisesti sekä englanti että amerikanenglanti.
Taloussanasto - yritys- ja kansantaloutta suomeksi, ruotsiksi, englanniksi ja saksaksi - B, C ENG 50.16 Book Taloussanasto - taloutta suomeksi, ruotsiksi, englanniksi ja saksaksi.
Ulkomaankaupan erikoistermit Harjuja M, Lehtonen M, Lindstöm H, Luostarinen J, Rautaouma R C DEU 50.3 Book Ulkomaankaupan Erikoistermit -käsikirja on hakuteos ja sanakirja ulkomaankaupan parissa työskenteleville. Kirja kattaa lähes 600 termiä ja niiden suomenkieliset selitykset sekä vastineet kuudella kielellä:

- huolinta ja kuljetus
- tullaus
- rahoitus/maksuliike
- juridiikka
- kansainvälistyminen/projektivienti

Board games

Title Author Skill level Bookshelf code Media type Description
Lexico sanakirjapeli/dictionary game Tactic A, B, C ENG 99.4 Board game With this boargame you can learn English or Finnish!

A unique dictionary game - now you can have fun while learning Finnish!

Lexico features altogether 9000 commonly used words divided in five categories: human, living environment, nature and hobbies, science and technology and common words. The three difficulty levels make it possible for each player to play on the difficulty level best suited for his/her language skills. A game that all your friends can play together and learn languages at the same time!
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