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The editing service explained

What kinds of texts do you edit?

In principle, any written text can benefit from copy editing, and we adopt an open-minded approach to the work we take on. The majority of the texts we edit are academic articles written by university researchers for journal publication, but we also specialise in the following:

  •  Doctoral dissertations
  •  Research funding applications
  •  Administrative texts
  •  Communications and promotional materials

If you have a text of a different nature, please get in touch with us at kielipalvelut (at), and we will do our utmost to help you.

My text needs an edit. What do you need from me?

Please email us at kielipalvelut (at) and our coordinator will be happy to answer all your questions, give you a price quote, and propose a schedule for the work.

Below is a list of things you can do to speed up the preliminary stages and ensure that your editor can get started as soon as possible:

  • Attach your text as a Word file (.doc or .docx) or in some other file format that can be edited.
  • Let us know where the text will be published (e.g. the name of the journal in which your article will be published) or what its intended audience is.
  • Let us know when you need the edited text back.
  • If you know that the text should follow either UK or US spelling, please mention this as well.

How long will it take for my text to be edited?

Each edit is scheduled individually based on your needs. In addition to our in-house editor, we use a network of trusted collaboration partners to ensure that we can – in almost all cases – meet your deadline.

Your edited text will be returned to you by email (unless otherwise agreed), and you will receive two versions: a ‘tracked’ version, showing all the changes and comments made by the editor, and a ‘clean’ version, showing what the finished product looks like after all the proposed changes have been accepted. This enables you to see clearly what the editor has changed. Editors also often justify their changes with comments. These explanations are there to help you understand why the change was made and to help you improve as a writer.

What does it cost?

We charge by the copy page, which corresponds to 1800 characters with spaces. We base the page count on the original, un-edited file you send to us.

Our fee includes one commentary round to ensure that your text is in the best possible shape when it is submitted for publication. The commentary round gives you the opportunity to go through the edited text and to ask the editor questions about the changes made or to request further clarification. This process is normally conducted by email, but if you wish, a face-to-face consultation with your editor can usually be organised.

UK or US English?

UK and US English differ in many ways. The audience and purpose of your text will determine which English variant is most appropriate. Our editors include both native UK and US English speakers. If you are unsure of which variant to choose, our coordinator can help you. If you know whether your text should follow UK or US conventions (e.g. your text is destined for an American journal), please mention this when you first contact us.

Do you edit texts in languages other than English?

Our in-house editing service is available in English and Finnish. For other languages, please contact us at kielipalvelut (at) for advice.

What does copy editing NOT include?

Our editors are experts in language use, and many of them have backgrounds in particular academic fields. However, they are not responsible for checking specialist, field‑specific terminology; as you are the expert, it is up to you to ensure that your terminology is correct. Copy editing does not include translation of any sort (i.e. transferring text from one language into another) or full or partial comparisons of different-language versions.

Unless otherwise agreed, copy editing does not include the checking of reference lists or bibliographies, the cross‑checking of in-text citations against the references, or the editing of the layout to conform to the publisher’s model.

Please bear in mind that even the most expert copy edit is no guarantee of a great finished text: the quality of the original text will inevitably affect the final product. If the original text is very unpolished or crude, editing won’t turn it into an elegant masterpiece. The quality of the original text – both in terms of the standard of English and the standard of the writing more generally – affects how much time the editing process takes.

I had my article edited at Language Services, but I’ve revised it based on the publisher’s comments. Can you edit it again?

Of course we can! With these re-edits, you have two options:

  1. If you haven’t made extensive changes, or if the changes are contained in specific sections, you can mark your changes in the text (e.g. by using the highlighting feature in Word) and we will only edit those parts. In this case, we will only bill you for editing the changed parts, not the entire text.
  2. If you have made extensive changes, or if the changes occur throughout the article, it is often best to have the whole text re-edited. In this case, the cost will be determined based on the length of the text, but we will usually offer a discount based on the extent of the changes.

Please note that we can only re-edit texts that were originally edited at Language Services. Texts previously edited by third parties will be treated as first-time edits.

Can you recommend a student who could edit my text?

Sorry, we do not pass work on to students.


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