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What is copy editing?

Copy editing at Language Services goes far beyond the checking of your spelling and grammar: we develop the language of your text to a standard that is as close to native-level as possible, ensuring your writing is coherent, consistent, idiomatic and accurate. Our editors bring a fresh pair of eyes to your text and offer an impartial, clear‑sighted analysis of your writing. Beyond the individual words and sentences, our editors are also acutely sensitive to the bigger picture – they ensure that the architecture of your text is structurally sound and that your writing obeys the conventions of the format.

Among other things, our editors check your text for the following:

  • grammatical fluency
  • stylistic issues
  • coherence and logic
  • clarity of meaning
  • layout in matters where Finnish and English conventions differ
  • register

Our editors are not only guardians of language but also invaluable test readers. If your editor fails to understand what you are trying to say or misunderstands your point, you can be sure your intended audience will do the same. The editor’s comments on your text not only help you to overcome such difficulties; they can also help you to become a better writer.

In order to allow your voice to come across, academic texts such as doctoral dissertations and articles often involve close collaboration with your editor. This is normally conducted by email, but should you so wish, a personal face-to-face consultation can usually be scheduled by appointment.

Please bear in mind that even the most expert copy edit is no guarantee of a great finished text: the quality of the original text will inevitably affect the final product. If the original text is very unpolished or crude, an edit won’t turn it into an elegant masterpiece. The quality of the original text – both in terms of the standard of English and the standard of the writing more generally – affects how much time the editing process takes.

For more information, please visit our Editing service explained page or contact us at kielipalvelut (at)


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