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UN Collection

The Tampere University Library functioned as a UN deposit library during 1967 - 2004. All UN publications are located in the closed storage of the Main Library and can be requested with a form.

The purpose of the UN deposit library system is to make UN documents and publications available to all citizens of the member states. The Parliament Library and Åbo Akademi Library, which are the current Finnish deposit libraries, have the most complete UN collections in Finland.

Tampere University Library still carries some of UN resources printed on paper. The collection includes publications from 1980-2004 and official documents from 1946-1992 published by various official UN bodies - General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council. Official documents include the most important UN deeds in their final form. UN documents since 1993 are available in the web through the United Nation Official Document System (ODS).

The book collection of Tampere University Library contains various UN year books, reports, surveys, statistical and conference publications.  These are listed in Andor, and they are classified according to the UN classification system.  UN Statistical resources are mainly housed in the Reference collection among international statistics on the third floor (P Ref 318). 

The UN official documents can be read in-house, books may be borrowed. Resources are also available through the interlibrary loan.

UN Information Guide

The UN's Dag Hammarskjöld library has prepared a research guide for UN documentation. 

The efficient use of UN information resources presumes knowledge of the UN's organization and its functions.  Basic information can be found, for example, in the book "Basic Facts about United Nations".  Newest edition of the year 2011 is an e-book  searchable in Tamcat (local use or with Tampere University login).

UN yearbooks are excellent resources on UN activities during a certain year.  They include summaries and references to source documents. The Reference library on the 3rd Floor of Linna building includes printed yearbooks since 1946 at Location: P Ref 327 Yearbook 

You can also find the yearbook in the web or in the Andor database as an e-book (local use or with Tampere University login).

The most important references to official documents can be found either in the UN's own databases: UNBISnet, UN-I-QUE or in the following indexes: Index to Proceedings of the General Assembly, Index to Proceedings of the Security Council, Index to Proceedings of the Economic and Social Council, lndex to Proceedings of the Trusteeship Council.

Please see also a list of UN related databases and related links. The list and links are in Finnish.

UN information specialist: Esa Hakala, tel. 050 407 9124,

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