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Group work rooms and multipurpose spaces

Group work room in LinnaGro

The Library offers both bookable and freely available group work rooms for working together. Group work rooms are intended for the University of Tampere students. Rooms are booked using your Office 365 calendar.

When you book a group work room, please remember these ground rules:

  • Arrive on time. Your reservation can be given to someone else after 15 minutes if you are late.
  • Cancel your reservation, if you are not able to come. You can cancel your reservation online.
  • A group is allowed to use a room three hours per day at the most.
  • Rooms are marked with a green sign, that means you can talk (on a moderate voice) and use laptop and tablet. For mobile phone calls use the phone booths on Linna's 2nd and 3rd floor.

Linna library on Main campus - group work rooms on the 3rd floor   Green colour sign

Bookable group work rooms:

  • Riitaoja (3015), for groups of 2-5 students
  • Asumaniemi (3019), for groups of 2-5 students
  • Vanhala (3016), for groups of 3-10 students
  • Rahikainen (3017), for groups of 3-12 students
  • Lehto (3018), for groups of 3-12 students

Open group work rooms:

  • Hietanen (3052), for one group
  • Koskela (3050), for 1-2 groups
  • Rokka (3053), for 1-2 groups

There is a computer and a data projector in all the group work rooms except Hietanen. Computer use requires a basic user account.

Arvo library on Kauppi campus   Green colour sign

  • Simo (B110) and Timo (B111, Arvo building's 1st floor)
    • available 24/7
    • reservation during the Library's opening hours
    • without reservation during the evening hours
    • for groups of 2–6 students
    • two computers in each room
  • Hertta (B002, Arvo building's 0 floor)
    • available during the Library's opening hours
    • one computer and a data projector
    • Please note that the room is only for larger groups of 6–8 students.

Multipurpose spaces in Linna

It is possible to do group work also in the multipurpose working spaces in Linna.

  • Pohjantähti, multipurpose space on the 1st floor  Green colour sign
  • Pentinkulma (3023), a small multipurpose space on the 3rd floor  Yellow colour sign


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