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Tampere University Library Regulations

Tampere University Library is a research library, the collections and services of which are free for all to use.  Primarily, the Library serves the teachers, researchers and students of the University.  The regulations are valid in Linna and Arvo libraries.  Besides the common regulations the Library offices may also have its own regulations.  The user of the library services is bound by the regulations and other guidelines relating to the services.  The regulations are available at the Customer Service desks and on the Library's website.

1. Opening hours

Opening hours and their changes are posted on the library's web pages.

2. Circulation

2.1 Library cards

A valid library card is required when borrowing and requesting library materials.  By giving his/her personal data to the library patron register, the patron is bound to comply with the library borrowing rules and regulations.  The library card is issued upon the presentation of a picture ID.  A guardian's signature is required for patrons under the age of 15.

The library card is personal. The patron is responsible for its use and for the material borrowed with it.

If the library card is lost, the library has to be notified immediately.  A new card is issued against a payment.

2.2 Patron register

The library patron register is used only for circulation monitoring.  The register data is not turned over to outsiders. The patron may verify, in accordance with the Personal Data Act, what personal data has been entered into the register.

The library has the right to enter the patron's identity number into the patron register.  The patron is also required to disclose his/her permanent address in Finland for the register.

The library must be notified of any change in personal data (e.g., name, address or other contact information) without delay.

The privacy statement and the patron register statement, as required by the Personal Data Act (523/99, section 10), are posted on the library's web pages.

2.3 Borrowing

Loan periods for the different library collections vary.  There are also materials in the library not in circulation. Further information is available at the different library branches. The patron is bound to comply with the loan periods and either return or renew the borrowed items on the due date at the latest.

2.4 Renewals

Loans may be renewed by the patron personally.  A loan can be renewed if there are no reservations for it and if payments owed by the patron are under 10 euros.  If the payments exceed 10 euros at the time of renewal, the library must be contacted without delay.

If the self-service renewal is unsuccessful due to Tamcat down-time or other technical issues, the library must be contacted immediately e.g., by phone, e-mail or through the online form.  Down-time or technical problems do not relieve the patron from paying late charges.

2.5 Returns

It is recommended to return the items to the same library branch where they were borrowed.  When the library is closed, they may be deposited in the book return bin.  Returns by mail are also possible at the borrower's own risk. The library is not responsible for any delays in mail delivery and they do not relieve the patron from possible late charges.

2.6 Requests

The patron can request an item which has been checked out by another patron.  The patron cannot request an item checked out by himself. The patron can have only one request per item.

2.7 Payments

The circulation office complies with the currently valid service fee list, which also specifies the overdue charges.  The patron is responsible to keep track of due dates; consequently, is also responsible for overdue charges, even if a reminder has not arrived.  If library materials or other property is damaged or lost, the patron is liable for compensating the library for damages and to pay service charges associated with any billing.

If the overdue loan is returned more than 70 days after the due date, compensation for the lost item is not collected, but the patron has to pay late and service charges.  The library does not redeem items already replaced.

If the materials are not returned and the charges are not paid, the outstanding account will be forwarded to a collection agency.

2.8 Short loan copies of textbooks

Each department's own circulation rules are followed when loaning out short loan copies of textbooks in Linna and Arvo libraries.  If the short loan copy is not returned in time, overdue charges are applied according to the service fee list.

2.9 Interlibrary loans

Material not found in the Tampere University Library, are handled through interlibrary services from other libraries as loans or copies.  The current service fee list and the guidelines agreed by the interlibrary loan libraries and the rules of the forwarding library (e.g., reading room loans can only be read on the library premises) are abided by in the interlibrary operations.

Renewals of inter library loans can be queried by contacting the inter library office.

3. Acquisition suggestions

Patrons can suggest the acquisition of items not included in the library collections.

4. Electronic resources

When using electronic resources, the patron has to comply with the conditions specified in the license agreement and copyright laws. More specified guidelines relating to the remote and local use of electronic resources are posted on the library's web pages.

5. Information services

Information services give guidance about the use of databases and other information resources, perform data searches, give lessons in information retrieval and information literacy and organize library tours. Fees are collected for services rendered on the patron's request according to the current service fee list.

6. Group work rooms

There are group work rooms in the library, which the patrons can reserve for a limited time.  Each department has its own rules about the use of the rooms.

7. Other rules

  • Disorderly conduct is not allowed in the library.  The library staff has the right to ask the disruptive patron to leave.
  • The reading rooms are for silent working.  Disruptive conduct hindering other patrons' working is not allowed in them.
  • The computers in the Library are for studying and research.
  • There are telephone booths in the library, where talking on the mobile is allowed.
  • Making notes or underlining in the library's printed materials is not allowed.
  • If the patron does not comply with the library rules and regulations, he may lose the borrowing or other rights for a limited time, or altogether.
  • The library is not responsible for the patrons' personal property left on the library premises.

Approved by the Library Board on 19 September, 2008. Altered 10 April, 2014.

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