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Answers for Library Orienteering points in Linna 2017

1st floor

1. Short loans: What is the loan period of a short loan? When do you have to return it? If you forget to return the short loan, what consequences will there be?

Short loans have to be returned on the next opening day by 10.00, weekend loans on Monday morning by 10.00  to that library office where they were borrowed. Late returns caryy a fine of 15 euros and borrowing ban for one week (you cannot borrow or renew your loans).

2. Textbooks: What is the loan period of textbooks? How many times you can renew textbooks?

Loan period is two weeks. You can renew them 10 times, after that you have to renew them at the Customer Service in the Library.

3. Silent Reading Room (24/7): Where is the Silent Reading Room situated? What do you need, if you want to use it weekends?

Silent Reading Room is located on the 2nd floor of Linna building and its entrance is in the main lobby of Linna building (Kalevantie street side). When the Library is closed, the University students can enter the staircase through the side door situated opposite the Finnish Student Health Service building using their key card. 

2nd floor 

4. General collection: Find the book Journalismus in der Gesellschaft, authors Scholl & Weischenberg (shelf class 07); the book is classified by Scholl. Where is the library shelf class 07 situated in the Library? What kind of subjects you can find there?  

Shelf class 07 is located on the second floor, left side from the stairs. You can find there subjects like journalism. 

5. Newspapers: Find the latest issue of El Pais. Can you borrow it? Where can you find the older issues?

You cannot borrow newspapers, only read them in the Library premises. You can find older issues in the wooden cabinet, when you lift the top up. 

3 floor

6. Journals: Find the journal Suomen Kuvalehti. Can you borrow journals from year 2016?

In Linna library you can borrow journals that are less than 10 years old overnight or for the weekend. Return these loans the following morning by 10.00, weekend loans on Monday morning by 10.00.

7. Spaces: Find the classroom Elina 3022: What other premises are there near Elina? What do you have to take into consideration in the classroom Elina?

You can find the bookable group work rooms (also classroom Aleksi, multipurpose space Pentinkulma and the microfilm room) near the classroon Elina. In the classroom you can speak in a low voice if necessary. You can also do some group work in Elina, if you can't find any other space, but remember to take the other students into consideration.

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