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Guidelines for submitting your thesis

NB: Before submitting your thesis please ensure that your thesis supervisor has performed the official originality check on your work. More information: Use of the Turnitin plagiarism detection software at the University of Tampere

To save your thesis to NettiOpsu you will need a basic user account and your thesis in pdf format.
If you don't have a basic user account or if you have some other questions concerning submitting the thesis please request help from tutkielmat[at] or by phone at  040 190 4259 or 040 190 9746.

To ask about printing, please contact: Yliopistopaino, e-mail gradupaino[at]  or by phone at 020 756 8683 (or customer service 020 756 8693).

To ask about technical problems, please contact: it-helpdesk[at]


Master's thesis and Advanced thesis, Medicine

Submit your thesis and the other information needed to NettiOpsu (Graduation - Thesis submission form) after you have confirmed with your supervisor that your thesis is completely ready for the examination and approval procedure.

The official examination process commences once your pdf of the thesis has been delivered to the Faculty concerned. If you are on a tight schedule, please check that the Faculty has received your thesis in time.

Licentiate thesis

Submit your licentiate thesis to NettiOpsu after it's been corrected and examined. Three bound copies of the licentiate thesis should be submitted to the Faculty for the purposes of examination. Other instructions pertaining to the examination and approval of the thesis, likewise schedules and procedures can be found in the postgraduate guides of the respective Faculties.

A licentiate thesis can be included on the agenda of a Faculty council meeting only after an examined, and corrected version printed by Juvenes Print has been received by the Faculty. Juvenes Print undertakes to provide one copy of the thesis to the Faculty and another one to the Library within four days of your having submitted it with all the necessary information to NettiOpsu.


1. Submitting your thesis to NettiOpsu

  • Familiarise yourself with the Faculty instructions on theses. Ensure that these instructions have been updated to correspond with the new form of delivery.
  • Be meticulous when finishing your thesis. Proofread it one more time
  • The margins should be of equal width, 2 cm is enough. The page numbering should be in the middle of each page, either at the top or at the bottom. Begin numbering pages only from the introduction (bodycopy).
  • Theses will be printed double-sided if the page count exceeds 60
  • Save your thesis in one single file in pdf format under your own name, e.g. (Virtanen_gradu.pdf). Use a computer with a suitable program to create a pdf.
  • Read these instructions for creating a pdf file. If you are unsuccessful, please notify Juvenes Print, where you will be provided with assistance at a cost. Alternatively, contact the help address given in the instructions.
  • Check that the pdf version corresponds to the original version with regard to page settings and other details, and that the file also contains a title page (i.e. a page with your own name, the title of the thesis and the department etc.) and an abstract. Also verify that the fonts you have used have been imbedded in the file. Please remember that the responsibility for the correctness of the file rests with you.
  • After submitting your thesis succesfully to NettiOpsu you'll get the notice: "Information is saved." If you have submitted a wrong (=not checked with Turnitin) pdf of your thesis please inform immediately your teacher and the Faculty, the printing office and the library (the printing office and the library by email to the address Se.on.valmis[at] or by phone call to the printing office tel. 020 756 8683  and to the library tel. 040 190 4259 or 040 190 9746 ). The possible new printed version of the Master's thesis has to be paid by the author of the thesis.

2. If the thesis has several authors

  • Specify in NettiOpsu (tick the box), if the thesis has more than one author. All authors must submit the thesis and other necessary information to NettiOpsu. The thesis will be archived under the student's name, that is why the information is required from all the authors.

3. Information about the thesis

  • Submit information about the name, language and number of pages of your thesis to NettiOpsu. The information will be seen after the approval procedure on the net at the address

4. Abstract

  • Copy the abstract of your thesis to NettiOpsu only if you grant Tampere University Library the permission to publish the abstract/s on the net. The abstract will be extracted from there to the database and published online with the information about your thesis. But the abstract must be a part of the pdf-file of your thesis.

5. Keywords

  • You can enter keywords that describe the content of your thesis in NettiOpsu

6. Permission to Publish

  • Carefully read through the Permission to Publish in NettiOpsu. Make sure you have the copyright to the pictures, diagrams or other material in you thesis or you have acquired permission to publish these online. Information on copyright can be found
  • Give consent to the publication of your thesis and its abstract online or choose "I do not grant" if you choose not to give permission. If you give your consent to the publication, the library will publish the thesis in the TamPub institutional repository and the university will pay for the printing costs of the one printed copy (which goes to the Library, with black and white pages only). For licentiate thesis the number of copies is two (for the Faculty and the Library use). If you decline to have your work published online, the printing costs of the copy of the thesis will be charged to you.
  • Changes in the procedure of submitting a thesis for assessment (from the beginning of 2016): More information (26th of January 2016)

7. Copies of the thesis you pay for

  • For your own use you may also order copies of the thesis which must be paid for. Also the possible colour pages must be paid by you. Make these orders through NettiOpsu.

Suomen Yliopistopaino Oy - Juvenes Print price list: Price list 2017 (in Finnish)

  • Prices include one black-and-white copy of a thesis in standard cover.
  • If you order colour pages at your own expense, these will be added to every copy produced (also to the copy for the Library) and charged to you (70 cents per colour page). Under the title ”Chargeable orders” (in NettiOpsu) you can mention the pages you would like to have in colour. While telling the page numbers please use the numbering used in your thesis (and not the numbering given by the pdf file).
  • If you also wish to order more expensive black hard back covers, please specify your order in NettiOpsu. Please notice that the official covers for master's thesis are yellow cardboard and for licentiate thesis green cardboard.
  • Collect the copies ordered for your own use from Juvenes Print or provide a delivery address in NettiOpsu (NB: if the copies will be delivered by mail the handling charge will be added to the price)
  • If later on you wish to order more copies of your thesis, please contact Juvenes Print

8. Suomen Yliopistopaino Oy - Juvenes Print

  • Juvenes Print will forward the printed copy of the Master's thesis to the Library for the collection and subsequent archiving. One of the two copies of a licentiate thesis will be forwarded to the Faculty and the other one to the Library.

9.  Library

  • will publish your thesis and its abstract online at the address, if you have given permission.
  • The thesis will be published, when information about its approval has reached the Library. The grade will not be disclosed online. 
  • will catalogue the electronic and paper versions of the thesis in Tamcat, and add the paper version received from Juvenes Print to its thesis collection. The thesis will be preserved in the Library indefinitely.
  • The evaluation of the thesis will not be added to the Library collection; this can only be obtained from the department concerned upon request.

Further information:

on printing from Yliopistopaino, gradupaino[at] or by phone at 020 756 8683 (or customer service 020 756 8693).
on online publishing tutkielmat[at] or by phone at 040 190 4259 or 040 190 9746.

on technical problems: it-helpdesk[at]


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